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Bad Company 2 PC beta delayed

Marching to 2010 but with added features.

DICE has pushed PC beta for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 back to "very early next year".

The good news, studio bigwig Gordon Van Dyke explained on the game's blog, is that desktop users will get an improved build of the game.

"With the huge success of the PS3 Beta we decided to drastically increase the PC Beta's capacity to insure as many people as possible could participate," wrote Van Dyke.

"Unfortunately this meant we had to delay the Beta to very early next year giving us more planning time to make it happen and implement more optimizations."

The PC build will support 32 players rather than 24, as on console. Advanced DirectX 10 and 11 features are supported, as are numerous peripherals like joysticks, 3D visuals and more.

There's some squad play stuff and friend support, plus - you'll be glad to hear - dedicated servers. BF:BC2 even allows private "professional-grade" servers to be hired for clan use.

"Everyone gets non-stop action with no connection penalties based on some other player's internet," wrote Van Dyke.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will be out on 5th March 2010. Our gamepages below have full packs of coverage.

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2

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