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Battlefield 5's next alpha test goes live next week, but it's still only for PC players

EA wants to hear from console players, too, though.

EA is testing Battlefield V again with a second PC-only alpha event kicking off on 14th August, 2018.

After outlining the lessons learned from the first closed alpha, EA confirmed that further testing would be coming, and recently detailed what to expect in a new blog post by live producer, Alexander Hassoon.

For Closed Alpha 2, EA would like testers to focus on the matchmaking and squad joining functionality, as well as "simply playing as you normally would", so it can evaluate the "tweaked leveling curves".

Maps, weapons, and vehicle balances are also still being tested so that EA can ensure matches are "fun, fair, and reward skilled players", as well as server stability, backend connectivity, and matchmaking.

"This is a short play test and we will need as many invited players as possible to act fast and jump into our Closed Alpha servers in order to make it successful!" states the blog, which also confirms the second closed alpha is "built directly" from the first build.

"The focus of this test is player progression speed. We have made some changes that we think will better cater to players across all play styles and skill levels based on how fast players scored points, and how quickly they progressed through the ranks in the first Closed Alpha."

Right now the test is only available in English, and invite-only, although if you had a code for the previous alpha, you'll gain automatic entry this time around, too, whether or not you got as far as redeeming your original access key. EA is also sending out additional invites to those who've expressed an interest, so keep an eye on your inbox.

Interestingly, EA's also keen to hear back from players who usually play on console, even though they won't get an opportunity to test the shooter themselves.

"For our console players, we also want to hear what you think of the Closed Alpha. As there is no embargo in place for captured/streamed content for Closed Alpha #2, please keep an eye on gameplay videos and streams that will likely show up shortly once the Closed Alpha has been launched. Let us know if you have any feedback for us."

Battlefield V is out on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 19th October, 2018, although Origin Access Premier and EA Access players can play from 11th October, with Battlefield V Deluxe Edition early enlisters getting a three-day head start from 16th October.

Digital Foundry stated last month's Battlefield V alpha was "visually outstanding" but thought the test demonstrated "an evolution of the Battlefield formula and its Frostbite engine, as opposed to a full-on next-gen revolution".

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