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Battlefield 5's War in the Pacific trailer teases the return of a classic map

Wakey wakey.

DICE has dropped a full trailer for its upcoming War in the Pacific expansion, showing off everything we can expect to see in next week's free update for Battlefield 5 - and teasing the return of fan favourite map Wake Island.

The Pacific update introduces three new maps, with a brace of them inspired by series staples. Iwo Jima first appeared in Battlefield 1942, the series' debut outing, and returns reimagined here. Most excitingly, however, the end of the trailer reveals an aerial shot of Wake Island - perhaps the most iconic of Battlefield's maps which is also now inbound for Battlefield 5.

Cover image for YouTube videoBattlefield V – War in the Pacific Official Trailer

War in the Pacific will mark the fifth chapter for Battlefield 5, introducing two new factions with US and Japanese troops as well as a handful of associated hardware. It's perhaps the most significant update yet to what's been a turbulent period of post-release support, with cancelled modes and a roadmap that DICE has struggled to stick to. War in the Pacific launches on October 31st - we'll have plenty more for you on the expansion early next week.