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As Fortnite's new season nears, the UFO abductions have begun

Saucers say.

Fortnite's primal era has only five days left, and UFOs are now heralding the game's mysterious next season due on 8th June here in the UK.

Head over to Risky Reels and hang around for a little while - and there you may be abducted by aliens. It's not all bad, though! You'll be fully healed during the abduction process, before being deposited somewhere else.

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Here's how a UFO abduction looks, if you are beamed up:

According to Fortnite leaker FortTory, the percentage chance of you being abducted in a match is low at present, though this will increase over time as the new season gets closer. The effect will also only occur in regular modes, rather than the competitive Arena option.

Fortnite has been teasing the arrival of aliens for around a week now, through posters, crop circles and radio messages. There's more on all that and what it may mean for Fortnite's story right here.

This mysterious symbol appeared over the weekend.

Epic's battle royale is expected to wrap up its Chapter 2 Season 6 in the morning UK time next Tuesday, 8th June without a live event - though fans are hoping for another single-player mission to introduce the start of next season instead.