Rin Oyaa is one of the many Shrines located throughout Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The challenge inside, named the Directing the Wind, is a puzzle that does exactly what it says on the tin - you have to manipulate the elements to reach the Spirit Orb.

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Where to find Rin Oyaa

This Shrine is directly outside Snowfield Stable to the south east of the Hebra Mountains.


To get there head east from Rito Village, passing Hebra Tower, and continue on the road until you reach the stable - you can't miss it.


Rin Oyaa and Directing the Wind solution

The goal here is to raise the platform to the right of where you begin to get to the altar, which is done by dropping the ball into the glowing recess.

Problem is, you cannot do that and get onto the platform in time, so you have to have wind to help you. You can do this by moving one of the metal boxes to the side of the area in front of the airflow coming from the wall just down the nearby ramp.


Drop the ball next to the box, so it's at the base of the ramp, then run and stand on the platform the ball activates. Move the box, and the wind will push the ball up the ramp and into the recess, without you having to be next to it. Take the platform up to the altar that's right in front of you.


To get the bonus chest, which contains an Ancient Core, before you do the above, move the other metal box on the ground floor to the alcove in the corner opposite the altar.

Do this at the start of the Shrine so you don't forget...
...so that with the other crate, you can create stepping stones to the chest.

When you move the other box so the ball can move, keep hold of it and quickly drop it next to the other create to your right - creating stepping stones over to the chest.

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