Shada Naw is one of the many Shrines located throughout Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The challenge inside, named the Red Giveaway, is a puzzle including balls, physics and wind. Good luck!

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Where to find Shada Naw

This is on top of a mountain in the Hebra Mountains. You'll need to get there on foot and by climbing.


Equip some level two cold protection, and aim for a point north of the 'H' in 'Coldsnap Hollow' on the one but fully zoomed in map.


You'll see a hut and some tall flags close by, with the Shrine easily visible inside a cavern.


Shada Naw and Red Giveaway solution

The aim of this Shrine is to get the orb on the ground into the recess that's gated off in the centre of the level. To do this, you must throw it into the path of wind turbines, working its way round the outside, until it drops down.

There's one snag, and that's when it reaches the end, it'll fly off, so you need something to stop it. On the wall underneath where it will roll off, you can use Magnesis to pull the wall out.


Then, turn around, and use Magnesis again on the metal crate to drop it on top.

Finally, grab the orb, and throw it into the path of the wind turbine up the ramp (you may have to stand fairly close). Note you need to time it so it rolls over the moving platform at the right time; we found throwing it just as the platform is moving away from the wall does the trick.


When the orb is in its resting place, stand on the ledge near from where you begin to be taken up to the altar.

Finally, if you want the bonus chest, it's positioned above and left of the corner after the moving platform. Use Magnesis to bring it down, giving you a Great Frostblade.

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