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All Meavora Statue locations in Tchia

Here's where to find all of the Meavora Statues and how to destroy them.

Meavora Statues in Tchia are scattered across the map and they are destructible. Why would you destroy them? Well, one reason is to show that Meavora doesn't have authority over you and the other is pretty much because you can. Also, there is a reward for getting rid of them all.

After deciding to take on the challenge of destroying these statues in Tchia, your next task is to track them down. With such a vast world to explore, filled with wonders and secrets, it's pretty easy to get distracted.

That's where we come in, we're going to show you all Meavora statue locations in Tchia, how to destroy them, and the reward for doing so.

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How to destroy Meavora Statues in Tchia

To destroy Meavora Statues in Tchia, you need to have something with explosive or 'unstable' qualities. We went around and destroyed our statues with Chicken Eggs, but anything explosive will do.

If you do choose the Chicken Egg route, we recommend swiping a Chicken when you find one and keep it in your inventory. That way, you can have eggs on demand.

tchia aiming at meavora statue exploding egg
Don't stand too close

Then, when you're facing a Meavora Statue, get your explosive item out and aim it at the statue. When you're satisfied with the angle, throw the item at the statue and it should explode on impact which will also destroy the statue.

Need a bit of help while exploring the beautiful islands in Tchia? Check out our guides showing you how to get Pearls and Chicken Eggs to learn where to find these useful materials. If you feel like exploring to find collectibles, check out our Treasure Chest locations guide, plus our ones on Meavora Statue and Diving Challenge locations. Also, if you want to get around quickly, check out our fast travel guide.

All Meavora Statue locations in Tchia

There are 10 Meavora Statues that you need to destroy in Tchia. There are five on Ija Nöj and five on Madra Nöj, which means there's only a little bit of travel involved. However, we do strongly advise that you learn how to fast travel before attempting to get all of the statues in one go, it makes it a lot easier.

Statue One - Bere Pidu

The first statue is on Bere Pidu, at the very top of Ija Nöj. Head to the point we've marked on the map above, and when you get there you should almost instantly see the statue.

tchia bere pidu meavora statue

It's in the very middle of this small island, surrounded by wooden structures.

Statue Two - Pûrû Bibiu

tchia meavora statue puru bibiu map location

Your next statue is in Pûrû Bibu on Ija Nöj, head to the location we've marked on the map and follow the path near the summit.

tchia puru bibiu meavora statue

The statue is on the path, just past the Race marker at the very top.

Statue Three - Weliwele

tchia meavora statue weliwele map location

The next statue is in Weliwele on Ija Nöj. Again, head to the location we've marked on the map above.

Tchia, Weliwele meavora statue

The statue is on a piece of land sticking out of a bend in the river that leads to Kwéö.

Statue Four - Tingeting/Pwärä Bibiu

tchia tingeting meavora statue map location

Another statue on Ija Nöj is in Tingeting near Pwärä Bibiu. Head to the location we've circled on the map above and keep close to the shore.

tchia tingeting meavora statue

The statue is leaning against some building materials.

Statue Five - Pwärä Boo

tchia pwara boo meavora statue map location

The final statue on Ija Nöj is near Pwärä Boo. Head to the marker on the map above and you should be able to easily see this statue.

tchia pwara boo meavora statue

It will be on the very tip of this area, on a piece of land that slightly sticks out into the ocean.

Statue Six - Tru Tim

tchia tru tim meavora statue map location

The next set of statues begins at Tru Tim on Madra Nöj. Make sure to stock up on Chickens and Eggs before heading here, it's quite a trek to find more.

Tchia tru tim meavora statue

Head to the point we've circled on the map above and you should find the statue in the middle of the small island.

Statue Seven - Koilo

tchia koilo meavora statue map location

Koilo is where you will find your next Meavora statue on Madra Nöj. Head to the point we've circled on the map above, but be careful as there is a Maano Camp directly next to the statue. You can take them on, or you can zip in and out to get this statue.

tchia koilo meavora statue location in shipping container

The statue is laying down in the open shipping container next to the camp.

Statue Eight - Hnapapa

tchia hnapapa meavora statue map location

The next statue on Madra Nöj is near Hnapapa. Find the point that we've highlighted on the map above and look for the food stand in that area.

tchia hnapapa meavora statue

The statue will be directly next to the food stand, so it's hard to miss. If you find one, you will find the other.

Statue Nine - Silibom

tchia silibom meavora map location

The next statue is nearby, it's close to Silibom. As with the other statues, head to the location we've circled on the map above and be ready for a slight climb.

tchia silibom meavora statue

The statue will be on a hill that slightly sticks out, we found it easiest to soul-jump into a bird and fly around the area until the statue comes into view.

Statue Ten - Aëmoon

tchia aemoon meavora statue map location

The final Maevora statue in Tchia can be found in Aëmoon. Head to the location marked on the map above and look around the park.

tchia aemoon meavora statue

There will be a portion of the park that has stalls in it, one holding stuffed toys and another that's for Totem Poles. The statue is standing on top of a fountain between these stalls.

Reward for destroying all Meavora Statues in Tchia explained

The reward for destroying all of the Meavora statues in Tchia is an achievement/trophy.

By getting rid of all 10 statues, you will be rewarded with the Iconoclast Trophy (or achievement). Which may be good news for those of you trying to 100% complete Tchia.

tchia overlooking water from tre's camp

If you want more help finding other collectibles and materials, check out our guide that shows you how to get Pearls in Tchia. If not, then enjoy the rest of your adventure now that you've taken down every Meavora statue!

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