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Activision registers Sing Hero

Must be a slow news day.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Activision has added "Sing Hero" to its pile of Hero-related registered trademarks in the US, prompting speculation that the publisher is considering a karaoke game.

The trademark, filed on 5th March (thanks GameSpot), allows for the usual "computer game software and related instruction manual", controllers and so on.

Activision has made no comment on the filing so far.

Were it to create a spin-off karaoke game, of course, it would face quite a lot of competition. There's SingStar, obviously, but also Konami's Karaoke Revolution in the States, Microsoft's Lips, and perhaps whatever Paulina Bozek's up to since she moved to Atari to be reunited with Phil Harrison.

Plus, Activision owns loads of these trademarks already and hasn't used all of them. Guitar Hero yes, DJ Hero yes, Band Hero we'll see, but Drum Hero and Keyboard Hero are nowhere to be seen.

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