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10m players attended Fortnite's Marshmello concert

I want you to be happier.

More than 10 million people played Fortnite on Saturday night to attend its brilliant in-game Marshmello concert, with millions more watching streams online.

The DJ set had been teased throughout the week via posters in-game, and the gradual building of a stage in Pleasant Park. As 7pm neared, Fortnite threw players into a match centring on the area - and then removed all weapons.

Right on schedule, Marshmello turned up and played a 10-minute set, the performance punctuated by live audio from the DJ himself and interactive sections where players found themselves in low gravity, or able to hover and soar around the neon-lit stage.

Here's a replay of the full thing, from start to finish:

Marshmello's concert for anyone that missed it! from r/FortNiteBR

The event ended with Marshmello waving goodbye, before players were flung back into the air, weapons re-enabled to resume normal play.

Despite the huge numbers of players in-game (that 10m figure comes from Geoff Keighley), everything seemed to go off without a hitch. It's yet another example of Fortnite ripping up its battle royale rulebook for a live event which draws millions simply to watch the game's latest spectacle.

The concert has been dubbed by some as the best-attended gig in history. Whatever you want to call it, it received a rapturous response from Fortnite fans. On r/FortniteBR, I've seen numerous people say it was Fortnite's best live event yet, with praise for its choreographed visuals and in-game effects, the technical work needed to run the show live on numerous platforms and at such a huge scale, and the freebie items given out to celebrate its arrival.

Here's a cinematic look of it all I particularly enjoyed, which does a good job at summing up the fun:

Marshmellow x Fortnite (Cinematic Edit) from r/FortNiteBR

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