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How to get into the Forgotten Temple in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Finding the entrance can be a little bit tricky.

The Forgotten Temple in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom is pretty easy to find, but it's kind of confusing actually getting inside.

You see, The Forgotten Temple isn't like the others you'll come across in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. It's more of a starting point to a very important quest, which leads to you finding the Dragon Tears.

Here's how to get into The Forgotten Temple in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, and what you'll find once you're inside.

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How to get into the Forgotten Temple in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

To get into The Forgotten Temple in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom, head to the location marked on the map below. The entrance is found on the South side of the structure, at the bottom of the valley. This is marked between the Rowan Plain and South Tabantha Snowfield.

Land at the bottom of the valley on the South side of The Forgotten Temple structure. You will find a packhorse sitting alone near the entrance. Just climb the wall ahead of you and you can find a hot air baloon with a character sitting next to it. This is around halfway up the structure.

From here it's just a case of pushing through each of the large rooms of the temple. There are enemies here, and a lot of climbing to be done. Ascend is your best friend to reach the end of the temple quickly. A short way in, you'll be able to activate the Mayausiy Shrine as a Fast Travel point.

Link talking to Impa about her hot air balloon in the Forgotten Temple.

Near the shrine, you will find Impa, who will direct you towards the final room. It's here where you'll learn the locations of all Dragon Tears, which is a quest well worth mainlining as soon as possible. Not only does it feature some excellent story cutscenes, there's also a legendary reward waiting at the end of it all.

If your itching for more Temple adventures, check out our recommend Temple order and locations, or if you want something more relaxed, you can try to get the Golden Horse instead.

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