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Zelda - EX Royal Guard Rumors: Where to find Royal Guard Uniform, Royal Guard Boots and Royal Guard Cap

Unlock the Royal Guard item set from DLC 2 in Breath of the Wild.

The EX Royal Guard Rumors quest is one of many new missions added as part of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's second DLC pack.

Playing it through will take you to the Royal Guard Uniform and Royal Guard Boots and Royal Guard Cap.

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Royal Guard Outfit location

Of all the side-quests in the Champions' Ballad DLC, the mission to retrieve the Royal Guard Set will be the most challenging.

Why? Because you'll need to infiltrate Hyrule Castle, which is infested with malice and plenty of lizalfos, moblins and more. To start, you'll need to the Riverside Stable, which is situated right in front of the Wahgo Katta Shrine.

Head inside and you'll find Super Rumor Mill EX: Volume 4 on a table. Read it to begin this quest in earnest.

To kick things off, fast travel to the Woodland Tower and glide down to the marker shown in the screenshot. From here, you'll be overlooking the the opening in the back of the mountain underneath the castle.

It's through here you'll find the docks and the start of your infiltration into the castle. Glide to the right-hand-side of the opening, and land at the moment of a path that leads up a hill. Run to the top, jump off the edge and glide across to the other side.

Follow the wall as it curves around you, past the Lizalfo on guard, glide across to the docks themselves and run up the stairs. Run up the next flight of stairs and past the Saas Ko'sah Shrine and up the stairs that lead into the rock.

Follow these rough stairs as they wind up, then stop when you reach a metal block. Move the block out of the way with Magnesis then push the large block out of the doorway with your magnetic powers.

Enter the library and head up the stairs, up the next flight then follow the balcony up to the right.

Turn left, the left again (watching out for the Lizalfo with the fire arrows behind you).

Run through the half open doors at the very end, run up the stairs to the right of the room (past the moblin) and climb the wall to cross the gap. At the top, turn right, then follow the path to the left.

At the end of the corridor, use a bomb to blow up the wall and retrieve the Royal Guard Uniform within.

Royal Guard Boots location

From the room where you found the Royal Guard Uniform, head out the opening and turn right. Head down the corridor and turn right before the half-open door.

Run down the corridor and down the stairs. Shoot an arrow at the malice eye and turn right through the doorway that's been revealed. Head up the stairs, past the moblin and shoot the eye on the wall above.

Head through the doorway, turn left and glide off the edge of the balcony. Glide down and enter a grey archway to your right.

Inside, run through the corridor. A wooden gate will drop behind you, seemingly trapping you in.

Use Cryonis to raise an ice block in the puddle beneath the gate, then turn right and up the stairs. Turn right, head down the corridor, turn right at the doorway next to the lizalfo, then head into the Guard's Room.

The chest you need is on a high shelf above two lizalfo. Use Magnesis to get it down and the Royal Guard Boots are yours.

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Royal Guard Cap location

From where you collected the Royal Guard Boots, head back up the stairs to the doorway you entered the Guard's Room from.

Turn right before the door, stand on the floor switch by the wall and use Stasis to freeze it. Run up the stairs and out the doorway that's now open. Turn right, shoo the eye to reveal the path, then run down it.

Change into your Zora Armor and Zora Greaves, then swim up the waterfall to your right.

Glide over to the ground, then ride up the waterfall in front of you. Glide over to the next waterfall to your left, glide, then climb up the stone archway.

When at the top, glide across the water to another waterfall. Ride this up and glide over to the steps to your left. Use Revali's Gale (hold 'X') to reach the roof above the large doorway.

Climb onto the spine of the roof, use Revali's Gale again then float down to an opening to your right (the word 'Sanctum' will appear on screen if you're in the right place). Head through the door to find the final element of this set on the other side of the chamber.