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Witness Aisha Tyler's unintentionally hilarious cameo in Watch Dogs

She's just entered... the danger zone.

New footage has emerged from Ubisoft's highly-anticipated open-world cyberpunk adventure Watch Dogs that shows off a cameo by actress and comedian Aisha Tyler.

Tyler plays herself in the game, as following her pulls up her profile as a comedian, actor, talk show host, and author. Amusingly, it notes her hobbies as "gamer and bourbon enthusiast." According to the game she has $4.3 billion dollars, which seems a bit high, but this is the future so one must take inflation and future seasons of Archer into account.

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One doubts Tyler will be in the game much, given the way this clip ends with an awkwardly pantomimed backstep followed by a garbage truck smashing into her avatar. Why she couldn't jump an extra step back is beyond me, but I guess she thought being on the sidewalk was safe enough. She was wrong. And how come there's no body? Did the truck propel her corpse off-screen or was she kidnapped? Her character is a multibillionaire after all.

Tyler is no stranger to video games. Previously she was in Halo: Reach and she also hosted this year's Ubisoft E3 press conference.

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