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Watch us play Grid 2 from 5pm BST

Lattice show you how it's done.

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It's been five long years since the last Grid, Codemasters' bold and often brash reboot of its Race Driver series. So much has happened since then - including three separate Dirt games - that it's nice to have it back. Grid 2 may not have quite the impact of its predecessor - I liked it but didn't quite fall in love with it - but it's a solid, smart racer nevertheless.

Ian Higton's going to be playing through an hour of Grid 2's campaign from 5pm BST today to help give you a flavour, and as he says he's a clumsier driver than even me, you can expect to see a fair bit of Codemasters' imperious damage modelling up close. There's also a handful of prizes to be given away, so hopefully it'll be worth your while!

Watch on YouTube

You can catch plenty more livestreams, Let's Plays and previews on our dedicated YouTube channel. And while you're on YouTube and have a thirst for petrol, check out this terrifying driver's eye view of a lap around the Nordschleife in grim, dark conditions from last week's 24 hour race. Oh, and don't forget to subscribe to our channel!

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