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Codemasters teases multiple racing games due this year

Still developing for PS3, Xbox 360.

DiRT and Grid developer Codemasters has hinted that it has multiple unannounced rally titles in development for 2014.

Codies recently quizzed fans about what they'd like to see from the studio this year via the studio's official Twitter account (thanks, Videogamer).

"Definitely a new DiRT/rally game," one fan replied. "But you're working on one already aren't you?"

"Well we're not," Codemasters responded. "Not working on one ;)"

The developer confirmed in a separate conversation that it also had no plans to abandon current (last?) generation platforms.

It has been nearly two years since the last DiRT game for consoles - DiRT Showdown launched in May 2012. Grid 2 then launched in May 2013.

Codemasters also owns the licence to the F1 series - another instalment of that for 2014 is all but confirmed.

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PS3, Xbox 360, PC

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