Codemasters forum goes offline

Replacement "taking a little longer than intended".

Grid 2 Drift Pack DLC out on all platforms

Stat-tracking RaceNet iOS app out as well.

Codemasters forum goes offline

Replacement "taking a little longer than intended".

Grid 2 Drift Pack DLC out on all platforms

Stat-tracking RaceNet iOS app out as well.

UK chart: Fuse fizzles into 37th place

GRID 2 takes top spot, despite lower sales than the original.

Video | Watch us play Grid 2 from 5pm BST

Lattice show you how it's done.

Grid 2 Special Edition costs £125,000

But it does include a BAC Mono.

Codies talks multiplayer, next gen and, yes, camera angles for Grid 2

No word on PS4 version, but plenty to say about online racing.

Grid 2 fires up for May 31st UK release date

Get the Brands Hatch Edition by pre-ordering at GAME.

Grid 2 introduces LiveRoutes, the system that dynamically changes the track

Plus! Circuit racing makes its debut with the Red Bull Ring.

Video | GRID 2 California Coast Head-To-Head Gameplay Footage

Winding through the gorgeous California Coast sections.

EGX | GRID 2 gameplay footage shows off Eurogamer Expo hands-on content

Chicago and California Coast sections of the game in action.

EGX | Challenge FIFA 13 developers on Virgin Media stand at Eurogamer Expo

Plus: Feature as a driver in GRID 2 and try Mists of Pandaria.

Codemasters responds to criticism about loss of in-car view in Grid 2

"We can use the extra available memory to make the on-track racing a truly mind-blowingly immersive experience."

Feature | Grid 2 Preview: No Assists Please, We're British

Codemasters takes a couple of interesting risks with the return of its tarmac racer.

EGX | Grid 2 announced with debut trailer and screenshots

Get world's first hands-on at Eurogamer Expo 2012.