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Watch us play God of War: Ascension from 5pm GMT

Hit-boxes and Kratos.

Hey it's that platform exclusive prequel with a single word suffix that everyone keeps forgetting exists. No, not Gears of War: Judgement - that's next week's offering - but God of War: Ascension, the one game that keeps reminding me how hard it is to spell Asencion. Ascencion. Or something like that.

Ian Higton, the lovely man who doesn't have to care about spelling so much seeing as he runs our YouTube channel, is going to be playing through the game's opening from 5pm GMT today for about 90 minutes. You can join him here to offer words of encouragement, or just to see how he fares against the game's spectacular opening.

Cover image for YouTube videoGod Of War: Ascension - Let's Play LIVE - Eurogamer

There will be a review of God of War: Ascension hitting the site shortly - we're waiting to get up to speed with the multiplayer and online, but we hope to give you Simon Parkin's verdict on it soon.

And don't forget you can see plenty of other video offerings by heading over to our YouTube channel, where there are previews, Let's Plays, trailers and lots more.