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Yes, Sony Santa Monica is working on a new God of War

May be some time before we see anything of it, though.

As you'd expect, Sony Santa Monica is working on a new God of War game.

At the PlayStation Experience event in Las Vegas over the weekend, Sony Santa Monica creative director Cory Barlog told an audience that development of the game was underway.

According to a report by IGN, Barlog added this new God of War would not be a prequel, leading to speculation it is a reboot of the action game series for PlayStation 4.

Whatever the case, it may be some time before we hear or see anything of the game. Barlog told IGN he hoped to share more within "the next year or two".

After Barlog's comments hit the internet, Sony Santa Monica tweeted to acknowledge the slip.

Barlog is perhaps most famous for being the game director for God of War 2, but he has also worked at Tomb Raider creator Crystal Dynamics as well as Mad Max maker George Miller.

In August 2013 he announced he had rejoined Sony Santa Monica to work on a new game, which, presumably, is this new God of War. The last God of War game was Ascension, which released on the PlayStation 3 in March 2013.

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