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Watch Superhot played super fast

John Wicked.

In Superhot, time only moves when you move. That's one hell of a sentence and it's the reason why this game currently sits so comfy in the number one spot on Steam's top sellers list. Here's a first-person shooter in which you, as Christian put it in yesterday's review, "do the slow stuff fast, and the fast stuff slow".

But what happens when you do everything fast? There's a challenge that's unlocked after completing the game's storyline that asks you to kill 20 enemies as quickly as you can. If you want to manage a half decent time, that means mostly ignoring the one, central mechanic that Superhot is built around. For the first time in this game, if you stand still, the clock keeps on ticking.

I haven't got any grand statements to make about game design here. This isn't me launching into a piece on how games can pull the rug from underneath the feet of their players by lessening or removing a mechanic they've come to rely on. Nope. None of that. I just think this game looks incredible in motion and wanted to share something fun I recorded.

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