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It looks like Superhot is set for Nintendo Switch

UPDATE: Confirmed - out today.

UPDATE: As expected, Superhot is indeed coming to Nintendo Switch - and it's out today.

Confirmation comes from Nintendo's Indie World video.

ORIGINAL STORY: The pre-Gamescom leaks continue to thrive, as Superhot has been spotted on the Nintendo Switch.

Dataminer @itssimontime on Twitter discovered an update file for the game which was uploaded on Friday, despite the fact the game hasn't actually been announced yet.

According to video game industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, two games will be "shadow dropped" during Nintendo's IndieWorld Direct at 2pm today, teasing: "Both games are Hot."

Superhot is an indie game that launched on PC back in 2016 before heading to both PS4 and Xbox One, as well as launching a VR version. The game is kind of a first-person shooter where your movement manipulates time, allowing you to dodge bullets and pull off complex plays to kill all the enemies in a room.

By this logic it's also kind of a strategy game, and the story suggests it takes place in some sort of glitched computer software - which actually makes the fact it's been leaked pretty appropriate.

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