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Watch this Dark Souls 3 all boss run completed without getting hit

If only I could be so grossly incandescent.

Dark Souls veteran and Twitch streamer The_Happy_Hob made a name for himself earlier this year when he made his way through Dark Souls without taking a single hit from an enemy. Though the pro player was not the first to attain such a victory in Dark Souls 3 (a feat accomplished by FaraazKhan last month) he was the first to make his way through From Software's latest without taking damage and fighting every boss.

Fans of the series will know that the most challenging boss fights in these games are often optional. Dark Souls 2's Darklurker and Bloodborne's Ebriatas were commonly cited as the most fiendish challenges in their respective games and Dark Souls 3's hidden villain, The Nameless King, is widely considered the most arduous challenge in this sequel.

The_Happy_Hob is known for making things extra hard on himself by deleting a profile and starting from scratch every time he takes a single hit. You can see the agony on his face at the 4:46:07 mark where he messes up in the home stretch after nearly two hours.

Yet his perseverance paid off as at the 9:08:02 mark he finally attains his goal after roughly four hours and 20 minutes of perfect playing.

Making the run even more impressive is that That_Happy_Hob plays entirely as a melee build without the aid of magic, arrows or shields.

Should you want to watch the full playthrough from the beginning, skip to 4:48:10 in the video above.

Inevitably Dark Souls 3 will receive two DLC add-ons, and if they're anything like previous Souls games, the expansions will add even greater challenges. In the meantime, The_Happy_Hob is still trying to complete the first Dark Souls, slaying all of its optional and DLC bosses, without getting hit.

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