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Watch someone complete Dark Souls 3 without getting hit

Or using shields, bows, magic, or glitches.

Earlier this year dedicated Dark Souls player The_Happy_Hob finished From Software's cult classic without taking a single hit. Now he's met his match as Twitch competitor FaraazKhan has managed the same feat in Dark Souls 3.

Furthermore, FaraazKhan put a number of restrictions on himself making the game even harder. The pro player didn't allow himself to use shields, bows, magic, glitches, or savequits (i.e. quitting the game just before getting hit to maintain one's record).

The whole run lasts approximately two hours and 19 minutes.

It's worth noting that FaraazKhan skips much of the game's optional content, so you're not going to see him tackle the game's hardest hidden bosses.

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