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Warzone Adler intel locations explained: How to find each Hunt for Adler contract

How the limited-time event in Warzone works.

The Hunt for Adler intel in Warzone is part of a limited-time event alongside the launch of Season 3.

By finding three contracts in Farms, Factory and Summit, you can unlock a Tortured and Rescued Adler skin to use both in Warzone and Black Ops: Cold War.

Though the challenges seem straightforward on the surface, between the way they're designed and reports of them not working at launch, means the whole process is not as easy as you think.

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Where are the Factory, Summit and Farms Adler intel locations in Warzone?

Though the blurb for the event asks you to "use the location depicted in the current slide as a clue to where you can find intel", you're not finding a specific collectable as last year's Intel challenges, such as Hunting the Enemy. Instead, these are a type of contract which spawns close to where these locations are being hinted at.

Thankfully, you don't have to rely on the images at all - you can simply view where they are on the map by looking for the Adler icon.

First, lets work out broadly where you need to look. Here is where you can find the Factory, Summit and Farms locations in Warzone:

Where to find Factory, Summit and Farms Adler intel locations in Warzone.

It's within these locations you will find these Adler contracts. They tend to spawn around the same place each time - for example, to the south-east in Factory, and on the bridge in Summit - and there will often by more than one (in our experience, up to five - though a reported issue right now is few, if any, spawn at the Farms).

The contracts will spawn around these locations. They will differ slightly every match - in both position and quantity.

You need to land here, grab the contract, and open the chests it points you to in sequence, similar to a Scavenger contract. Open all three, and the Intel is complete.

That is in theory - but there are a few snags to make things difficult.

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How to complete each Adler intel contract, and contracts not working suggestion

The best way to complete each contract is to open the map as soon as the match begins. Now zoom in on the above location, and find the Adler Intel, represented by the Adler head icon. As with any other contract, you can tag up to three at once with L1 / LB.

Now get to one of these as soon as possible. The difficulty with these challenges is only a single team or player can pick one up - so you have to be quick off the mark. Though unlike other contracts, new ones do respawn in time - but since these contracts are very popular, you'll be fighting off other players as soon as you land, and possibly long after that as other players hang around to collect them.

Either way, it may help to be in a team, as if you do manage to get a contract but then die, it'll continue to be active for your team mates.

From there, the process is then fairly straightforward - open each chest in sequence, as you would with a Scavenger contract.

To add complications to matters, at launch, there are numerous reports of Intel not tracking and completing - something which developer Raven Software has said to have addressed:

You should now be safe to attempt these, but that said, if you're still struggling with how popular they are, waiting a few more days (Raven suggests plans to extend the event to compensate for the launch issues) until they are slightly less busy might be a good option.

Complete all Hunt for Adler challenges within Warzone or Black Ops: Cold War, and the Tortured and Rescued Adler skin is yours.

Otherwise, you can also unlock the Adler skin by completing the other three challenges on the event page if you own Black Ops: Cold War, which includes killing 25 enemies revealed by your Spy Plane, H.A.R.P. or Field Mic, 25 kills while on a killstreak using the Assassin Perk, and completing seven games on Yamantau. Arguably it's more of a grind, but they are likely more dependable to complete - at least for the time being.

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