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Vorderman to star in new DS title

Comes complete with pedometer.

Former Countdown queen Carol Vorderman is to star in Nintendo's new healthy living title for DS.

Active Health with Carol Vorderman comes complete with a pedomoter - or rather an Activity Meter, as they're calling it. Input your personal details and Carol will personally calculate your BMI. She'll then come up with a programme detailing how many calories you need to consume and how much exercise you need to do.

There's a calorie counter that can track how much fat, salt and sugar you're eating, plus more than 70 recipes and a shopping list feature.

Every day Carol will give you a daily step target and you can keep a record of how you're doing with the Activity Meter. Data can then be transferred to the DS via infrared. You can input other activities too, and sync up Active Health with Wii Fit to keep track of exercises done using the Wii balance board.

There's a mini-game, too - Calorie Count Up, where you have to choose items from a selection and try to reach the target of 1000 calories. You can play alone or against Carol.

Active Health with Carol Vorderman will be released in the UK on 7th August.

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