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Updates for Silent Hill 2 Remake, Townfall, and Ascension are on the way, leaker claims

Huh? Rumour? What's going on with that rumour?

Another day, another Silent Hill rumour, and this one reckons we'll get new trailers from the numerous Silent Hill projects "really soon, before June".

According to horror game leaker Dusk Golem – who was long telling us that the seminal horror series had been rebooted before Konami did – a new trailer showing off the progress of Silent Hill 2 Remake, Townfall, and Ascension are on the way.

Silent Hill: Downfall - Announcement trailer.Watch on YouTube

"I don't know the exact date for everything," they explained in messages posted to The Snitch's Discord channel," but I'll just say there's a new SH2R, Townhall [sic] & Ascension trailer ready to be revealed at last."

Furthermore, Golem insists the "first of which will be before [Summer Gaming Fest] – which is taking place during what had once been E3 week – and reports that "SH2R has great art direction, Townfall looks very interesting, [and] Ascension looks graphically great".

As for the unannounced The Short Message/Sakura" project? Golem is less certain of this, and reportedly "doesn't know if [that project] is dead yet".

Update: DuskGolem thinks we will probably have three trailers soon
by u/dvrsd in silenthill

After what feels like an eternity of leaks, Konami officially revived its long-dormant Silent Hill series with a flurry of activity in October, starting with remake of horror masterpiece Silent Hill 2, which is being developed by Bloober Team for PC and PS5 as a timed console exclusive.

Bloober Team - the studio behind the likes of The Medium, Layers of Fear, and Observer - has been rumoured to be involved in a Silent Hill revival as far back as June last year, when it announced a partnership with Konami to create a new game. Rumours that the project would be a Silent Hill 2 remake began to coalesce following a series of leaks earlier this year.

We recently reported that Silent Hill 2 translator Jeremy Blaustein is asking Konami to credit his work on the original Silent Hill 2 game in the remake, saying, "it's the right thing to do". Blaustein said that while he does not "expect or seek any financial compensation", "I do strongly feel that giving me appropriate credit for my role is the right thing to do".

Bloober recently said the remake will be "faithful to the original title" with a "safe approach" to changes.

Silent Hill is back, but is it too much too soon?

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