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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Hoysala Token locations to unlock the Queen's Ruby

Find all hidden objects in chapter 4 and unlock a valuable item.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Hoysala Token locations are one of many things to find in the game, but this has a greater purpose than most other collectibles.

Dotted throughout the game's vast four chapter, finding them all will then unlock a unique item - the Queen's Ruby - which then helps you narrow down the locations of other collectibles elsewhere. It's an essential find for any Trophy buffs.

If you're looking for other Uncharted: The Lost Legacy collectibles, we have locations for treasure, photo opportunities, lockboxes and optional conversations.

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Hoysala Token locations

The very first Hoysala Token can be found in the top right-hand corner of the map Chloe carries with her.

Hoysala Token 1

Leave the jeep at the gates, run through the gateway then head right through another open door. Interact with the switch in front of you to open the door to your right. Token number one will be waiting.

Hoysala Token 2

Token the second can be found just south of the first one on a raised area with a stone hut. Climb to the top of this hut and look down to see a large seal on the floor. Press L1 to launch your grappling hook, then jump on the edge to pull the seal free. Climb down the well and find the token to your right.

Hoysala Token 3

The third Hoysala Token can be found north east of the second one. Look for a temple structure built into the side of the cliff (you'll know you're in the right place because there'll be loads of bells outside).

Climb to the top, pull out your favourite weapon, shoot the bell at the top the turn around and hit each of the other six in any order. Collect your Token from the room that opens.

Hoysala Token 4

To add the fourth Hoysala Token to your treasure cabinet, head south then follow the nearby river upstream to the east of the map. Climb a cliff to the right of the river's source to find a roofed platform.

Use your grapple to swing over to the first pedestal, mud slide to the second then mud slide to the cave entrance. Follow it through to find the Token inside.

Hoysala Token 5

The next Token on your list can be found at the bottom of the map near a large bridge. The first time you visit here you'll encounter a bunch of Asav's goons, so take them out. Now chuck a grenade at the broken raised wall. Proceed through the hole you've made to grab the fifth Token.

Hoysala Token 6

The sixth Token on the list can be found west of the previous two collectibles. Climb out of the jeep and climb the stone cliff with the Assassin's Creed style wooden ledge sticking out of it.

Climb onto the ledge then use your grapple to swing to three consecutive grapple points. Pass the lockbox, swing twice more, chuck a grenade at the broken wall and collect the Token inside.

Hoysala Token 7

Head on over to the west of the map and the largest body of water. Look for the statue of an elephant. Hidden near its trunk is a hole leading to an underwater chamber.

Dive down, turn right and head through the opening. Head to the surface to find your next Token waiting for you.

Hoysala Token 8

The eighth Token to add to your collection is due north of the previous one.

The first time round this large raised area will be crawling with mercs. Taken them all out then use a rocket launcher/grenade/gas canister to blow up the broken wall. Inside is... you guessed it... another Token.

Hoysala Token 9

The next Hoysala Token is the most tricky yet and involves lots of grappling in a particular order. Climb to the top of the middle structure and press the button on the raised dial. Lots of water fountains around you will appear.

Head in the direction shown in our second screenshot and pass through each one in an anti-clockwise direction. Return to the dial you started out from before the timer runs out to grab your Token.

Hoysala Token 10

The tenth and penultimate Token in this area can be found towards the centre of the map. First time round, as usual, the place will be crawling with goons.

Once they're all toast, head to a familiar broken wall near the truck.

If the wall is already gone, and the chamber's empty, then you'll need to check the lockbox on the back of the truck. It's another easy lockpick, so crack it open to find more grenades, another new weapon and your tenth Hoysala Token.

Hoysala Token 11

The eleventh and final Hoysala Token can be found in the top left-hand side of the map. Look for a structure built into the side of a cliff with a pedestal outside (it should contain a stone horse). Climb up, head through the doorway and turn left. You'll now need to complete a short ring puzzle which requires you to move missing pieces to either side of the disc in order to complete the image. It's easy, and once complete you'll have your final Token.

Where to unlock Queen's Ruby in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

To gain your reward for all that Token-collecting graft, turn left and away from the langurs and head back into the chamber where you collected your first Token.

Interact beneath the map to enter all the Tokens and collect the ruby.

This will chime through your DualShock 4 whenever you're near a collectible from here on out.

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