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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy optional conversation locations to unlock the Getting to Know You trophy

Where to find every bonus chit-chat.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy optional conversation locations are one of many things to find in the game.

Returning from previous Uncharted games, these require you to chat to other characters in certain situations. They are among some of the easiest encounters to miss, even if there are a total of 17 to find.

If you're looking for other Uncharted: The Lost Legacy collectibles, we have treasure locations, photo opportunities and lockboxes, as well as Hoysala Token locations.

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy optional conversation locations

The first optional conversation appears in Chapter 4.

Chapter 4 - The Western Ghats

Optional conversation 1 - The very first optional conversation of the game isn't too hard to miss. Once you've collected the ruby, go through the newly opened door to your right and follow the path. It'll lead around to the side of the langur temple.

Jump down, head around the back and look up at a column to initiate a convo thread. Turn around and speak to Nadine to nab convo number one.

Optional conversation 2 - The next optional chit-chat can be found due south of the Stag Horn box treasure. There's a temple beside the raging river, approach it, look up and you'll notice a trident symbol. This will need open an optional talk with Nadine. Nab it!

Optional conversation 3 - The next optional convo can be found just past a seemingly abandoned truck, not far from the south end of the bridge at the bottom left-hand side of the map, where you'll find another fort. Look up and press L3 to notice a bow symbol above you. Nadine will then ask a question, prompting an optional conversation.

Optional conversation 4 - The fourth optional conversation can be initiated outside the gates above the area unlock lockbox 12 and collected the Butterfly Trinket. Click L3 to acknowledge Shiva's axe above the gate and Nadine will be ready for a quick chinwag.

Chapter 5 - The Great Battle

Optional conversation 5 - Follow the path to your left, passing through an archway. Drop down to the platform below and you should see Nadine walk up to a set of ruined steps. You'll know be able to engage in another optional convo.

Optional conversation 6 - The next optional chat on your treasure hunting adventure can be found just after the climbing section where Chloe almost falls. Just after Chloe accepts Nadine's help to climb up, Nadine will climb onto a higher platform and offer an extra chat. Get chatting!

Optional conversation 7 - The next convo with Nadine can be found in hole made by a Persian trebuchet. It's impossible to miss as Chloe remarks that the hole is your only way in. Slide down and inspect the boulder. You'll know be able to get all chatting with her about catapults.

Optional conversation 8 - In the same room that you collected the Gold Cased Ivory Dentures treasure as you follow the path through the mountain, head up the stairs open the door and enter the now illuminated chamber. Nadine will now remark on the room, opening up for another optional chat.

Note that between conversations 8 and 9 is the shadow puzzle, a particularly tricky challenge that can also net you an additional Trophy if you complete it in 10 moves or less.

Optional conversation 9 - Following the fistfight with Asav and the aqueduct escape, Chloe will wake up after a nasty fall. Once you regain control, follow Nadine up the stairs until the conversation prompt appears.

Chapter 6 - The Gatekeeper

Optional conversation 10 - Simply climb the platform next to where you found the Ceremonial Sugar Hammer treasure. Chloe will ask about elephants, prompting Nadine to offer an optional conversation on the matter.

Chapter 7 - The Lost Legacy

Optional conversation 11 - As soon as you've taken photo opportunity 22 in the flooded cave, you'll start some dialogue with Nadine that will prompt an optional convo. As usual, run up to her and press Triangle to get chatting.

Optional conversation 12 - After you've turned the wheel to move Shiva's lower right-hand arm, Nadine will notice the statue has a King Cobra on its shoulder. Walk over to Nadine to bag this optional convo.

Optional conversation 13 - After swinging across the chamber and moving the statue so the light forms a prism, Nadine will start talking about the pattern of three. This will lead to an optional convo prompt.

Chapter 8 - Partners

Optional conversation 14 - As soon as the chapter begins, follow Nadine and Sam. Once they stop talking, a convo prompt will appear above Sam's head. Run over and press Triangle to collect it.

Optional conversation 15 - This conversation option comes up right after you've asked Nadine where Sam is. Make sure you're close enough to Nadine to collect the optional chat.

Optional conversation 16 - Once you've pushed the railroad cart over the gap to help Sam jump across, he'll dust himself off and walk away. Walk up to him and press Triangle to add this convo to your collection.

Optional conversation 17 - To grab this short but sweet optional convo, approach Nadine once the first gunfight with the Shoreline mercs.

Make sure you're near the desk and big pile of rubble when you do.

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