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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy photo opportunity locations to unlock the nofilter and Pics or It Didn't Happen Trophies

See all the sights with our complete guide to all photo opportunities.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy photo opportunity locations are one of many things to find in the game.

These are prompts that appear in certain situations, allowing the character to take a snap of scenery of a landmark as a keepsake. For you, it ultimately means new Trophies.

If you're looking for other Uncharted: The Lost Legacy collectibles, we have treasure locations, lockboxes and optional conversations, as well as Hoysala Token locations.

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy photo opportunity locations

Photo opportunities are in particularly every chapter, starting with the Prologue.


Photo opportunity 1 - The first photo opp is part of the story so you shouldn't miss it - simply follow the little girl down the stairs in the market and you'll see the prompt appear in front of a market stall.

Chapter 2 - Infiltration

Photo opportunity 2 - When the chapter begins, you should see a prompt directly in front of you. Simply look at the Pink Lotus sign to take your second snap of the game.

Chapter 3 - The Homecoming

Photo opportunity 3 - This first opportunity can be found on the cliff the level begins from. Simply look to the right-hand side of where you glance at your vehicle and you'll see the prompt.

Photo opportunity 4 - After passing the first waterfall, Chloe will notice a flamboyance of flamingos. Before driving down (and sending them all flying away), jump out and look for a photo opp marker to the left of the overlooking ridge.

Photo opportunity 5 - You can only take this photo once you've cleared the area in front of the gate mechanism of all enemies. Once it's clear, head down to the lily pads in front of the small waterfall and grab your third and final photo.

Chapter 4 - The Western Ghats

Photo opportunity 6 - The very first photo opp of this chapter can be found right from the off. Simply jump out of the jeep as soon as you regain control and move to the edge of the cliff to your left. You should find the marker in front of some parted grass.

Photo opportunity 7 - Once you've collected the fifth Hoysala Token and opened the lockbox that's at the bottom of the map near the large bridge, head through the broken wall you blew open and turn left. See that lichen-covered archer statue? Head on over to inspect it and take a photo (as well as a hint of where to head later on).

Photo opportunity 8 - The next photo opportunity is right near the stone elephant and the hidden underwater passage. Step back a few steps and you should find the photo prompt for Chloe to snap a nice shot of your statue before you.

Photo opportunity 9 - The next photo can be found on the large cliff overlooking the body of water with the stone elephant and the hidden underwater passage. Drive up with the jeep, hop out, and approach the edge of cliff so you're facing the fort. The photo opp should be nearby.

Photo opportunity 10 - Return to the area you first began where you found the first Hoysala Token. Remember that structure covered in langurs? Head over to the right to take your next monkey-based photo opportunity.

Photo opportunity 11 - The next shot on your ever growing scrapbook can be just beyond where you had your monkey optional conversation with Nadine. Drop down and take a shop of some langurs while another jumps on Nadine's head.

Photo opportunity 12 - Head west from where you collected the Ancient Stone Jar treasure and head towards the diamond shaped low-level (yellow land on the map) nearby. Jump out of the jeep, face the cascading flows of water and you should find the photo opp marker ready for snapping.

Photo opportunity 13 - Just west of the Nagfani Horn treasure in the north of the map, look for a large, skeletal tree beside a waterfall. The photo prompt for stone structure in the distance will be nearby. Find it and add another photo to Chloe's smartphone.

Photo opportunity 14 - The final photo opportunity of this chapter can be found after passing the first statue with a weapon puzzle. It's overlooking the vista with the tower. Simply walk up to take the last collectible in this area.

Chapter 5 - The Great Battle

Photo opportunity 15 - To get your first holiday snap from chapter five, head back to where you had the conversation with Nadine to find her near a grapple point. Swing across and aim for the climbing holds to the right of the opening. Climb up, follow the path around, and clamber up the platform. Your photo opp will be near the waterfall.

Photo opportunity 16 - The next photo opp is pretty hard to miss. Just after Chloe slips and has to clamber up Nadine's back to safety, you'll both ascend to the top and remark on the amazing view. Before carefully moving to the next section, move forwards then back to initiate the prompt for the next photo.

Photo opportunity 17 - This really easy to find photo can be located right near the Bidi Hookah Bowl treasure. Turn around, and head towards a small outcropping in front of the giant statues to your right. The photo opp prompt should appear near the edge.

Photo opportunity 18 - When you reach the area you begun the chapter in (with the gate mechanism to your right), turn left and walk back down to the cliff edge and the vista of the two giant statues. There will be a great outcrop of rock where you can take one last photo in the chapter.

Chapter 6 - The Gatekeeper

Photo opportunity 19 - After the calming and cathartic ride on the back of the elephant, you'll find yourself in the blue waters with the reunited family. Walk to the right-hand side of the group to take your next adventurous photo.

Photo opportunity 20 - To get that next photo, climb the raised platform next to the lockboxes you just raided, climb the next platform, then jump over to the third. From here you can take another breathtaking addition for your album.

Chapter 7 - The Lost Legacy

Photo opportunity 21 - The very first collectible of chapter seven is a photo, and all you have to do to find it is walk a few steps to the edge of the cliff you start on. The photo prompt will appear as if by magic.

Photo opportunity 22 - This can be found in the flooded cave. Swim towards the steps and you'll see a large carving of a queen and her handmaidens. The photo prompt will be to the left of you.

Photo opportunity 23 - After the cutscene with the revelation regarding the Ganesh Figurine, head through the door that opens and follow the opening. Walk down the steps and the photo prompt will appear at the edge.

Photo opportunity 24 - In the room with the flooded cave (the one where you just tangled with the underwater vines before making it to the surface), climb to the very top to find a handily placed photo opp waiting for you.

Photo opportunity 25 - This photo collectible can be found in the room with the small pillars and the flooded floor (check the screenshot to make sure you're in the right place). Once you swing across, you'll find the prompt at the water's edge.

Photo opportunity 26 - In the vast chamber with the colossal Shiva statue (the one with a snake on one shoulder), move to the left-hand side of the water to find the prompt for this impressive photo opp.

Photo opportunity 27 - While standing beside the middle mirror statue, grapple swing over to the left-hand side to find the broken remains of a statue. Nadine will pick up the mirror, creating an impromptu photo opp in the process.

Chapter 8 - Partners

Photo opportunity 28 - You can grab this photo opp just after the three-part gravel slide section where you end up jumping and using your piton.

Climb up and you'll find the next photo shot at the edge of the cliff in front of the railyard bridge.

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