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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy lockbox locations to unlock the Five Finger Discount and Picks of It Didn't Happen Trophies

Open every hidden cache in the game.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy lockbox locations are one of many things to find in the game.

These new lockboxes require a new lock pick mechanic to open, and with 21 to find across the game and two Trophies to unlock, so keep your eyes peeled.

If you're looking for other Uncharted: The Lost Legacy collectibles, we have treasure locations, photo opportunities and optional conversations, as well as Hoysala Token locations.

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy lockbox locations

The first lockbox location is in Chapter 3.

Chapter 3 - The Homecoming

Lockbox location 1 - In the first large open area with enemies, leave the jeep and move around to the right-hand edge. You should see a large, open-back truck next to a waterfall. The lockbox can be found loaded on its back.

Chapter 4 - The Western Ghats

Lockbox location 2 -The first lockbox of this chapter can be found just to the right of the wall you blew up to find the fifth Hoysala Token. Pull out your lockpicks to unlock the weaponised goodies (including grenades if you need them for the previous treasure).

Lockbox location 3 -You may have bypassed this to collect the sixth Hoysala Token - head back the way you came from there, swinging twice with your grapple to reach the lockbox. Give it a crack with your lockpicks to collect the weapons inside.

Lockbox location 4 -This is also by another Hoysala Token - specifically the tenth on the list, towards the centre of the map. After a combat encounter, head to the broken wall near the truck. If the wall is gone and the chamber's empty, then you need to check the lockbox on the back of the truck. It's another easy lockpick, so crack it open to find more grenades, another new weapon and your tenth Hoysala Token.

Lockbox location 5 - Head out of the enclosed, non-vehicle area where you found the three treasures, the optional conversationand the Queen's Ruby. Outside, you'll see a lockbox on a raised platform near your jeep.

Lockbox location 6 - The next lockbox on your list can be in an abandoned truck belonging to Asav's mercenaries, not far from the large elephant statue. Make sure the area is clear of enemies, hop onto the back and claim the weaponised goodies that lie within.

Lockbox location 7 - This lockbox will only appear once you've returned from completing the Trident Fort. A group of mercs will arrive, so clear them out (or escape the area) and you'll find two trucks at the entrance of the fort. The left-hand one has the lockbox you need.

Lockbox location 8 -The next lockbox can be found north of the elephant statue with the hidden underwater chamber (near where you claimed your eight HHoysala Token). You'll find the lockbox on a raised structure near an abandoned truck.

Lockbox location 9 -The next lockbox on your list can be found at the south end of the bridge at on the bottom left-hand side of the map. Drive a little further on and you'll find a lone truck with a lockbox beside it.

Lockbox location 10 - This lockbox can be found in the fort not far from a seemingly abandoned truck and the game's third optional conversation. Simply head towards the right-hand side of the fort, and use a grapple point on the far right to swing over to a patch of yellow flowers. Just in front of them you'll find a lockbox waiting to be opened.

Lockbox location 11 -The next lockbox can be located in the collection of ruins to the north of the map. It's located to the right of another lockbox you've already opened in the back of a truck. You'll find this unopened one behind a stone platform.

Lockbox location 12 -The 12th lockbox on your list of must-have lockboxes is just to the right of the building you raided to get the Jade Pendant treasure (in the building right of the Hoysala Tokens with the horse puzzle). You'll see a large bridge leading to a pool and a waterfall. Beside a tree there's a truck with a lockbox on its back.

Chapter 6 - The Gatekeeper

Lockbox location 13 -The first lockbox of this chapter can be found by the main tower (the same place you have to destroy the APC with C4). To find it, head up the road from the ruins of the burning jeep, turn left and pass the tower of your right. Follow the path and the orange lockbox will be in an alcove to your right.

Lockbox location 14 -The next lockbox is a short jog from the first. Look for a giant set of stairs near the cow statue you're heading towards. To the right of the stairs (as you're looking at them), will be an alcove in a building filled with long grass. The orange lockbox is at the back.

Lockbox location 15 - Simply follow the ascending staircase next to where you spoke to Nadine about the Indian elephants. At the top, you'll find a sealed lockbox waiting to be opened.

Chapter 7 - The Lost Legacy

Lockbox location 16 -The next lockbox in this chapter can be found just after you've rope swung for the first time over to the city dwellings. Go up the staircase on the other side of the room and jump across the gap to reach the lockbox.

Chapter 8 - Partners

Lockbox location 17 - This lockbox is orange and contains an RPG you'll need to shoot the chopper down above the railyard. It's located in the main warehouse building directly in front of where you enter the area.

Lockbox location 18 - The second orange lockbox in the railyard is located at the rear of the warehouse where you located the previous lockbox. It's right next to some stealth foliage and a railcar.

Lockbox location 19 - The third orange lockbox in the railyard is located in the middle of the area, inside of a single abandoned railcar. This lockbox is concealed enough to be lockpicked without too much worry.

Lockbox location 20 - This orange lockbox (also containing an RPG), can be found in between a giant gas container and a yellow wooden sign. Be wary of the chopper's flight patterns before approaching it.

Lockbox location 21 - This can be found on the right-hand side of the map in the back of an open-backed truck (remember those?). Lockpick it to grab another RPG.

This is the final lockbox of this chapter, and the game. If you're missing other trinkets, our Uncharted: The Lost Legacy collectibles guide can help.

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