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Toem adds new region to celebrate first anniversary

Coming first to Steam.

A brand new region has been added to photography game Toem to celebrate its one year anniversary.

Basto is the game's biggest region yet and will be filled with new quests, secrets, minigames, and animals to photograph.

The update will be added for free from 16th September on Steam, arriving on PlayStation 5 and Switch soon after.

TOEM - Out on Switch, PS5 and PC September 17th!

To access the new region, players will need to complete the main game and then speak with grandma in Homelanda.

New Steam achievements and PlayStation trophies will also be added.

Toem is 50 percent off on Steam for the next week to celebrate the release of the new content.

It's also one of this month's free monthly games for PS Plus Essential subscribers, along with Need for Speed Heat and Granblue Fantasy Versus.

Donlan described the game as a cheerful modern classic in his Essential Toem review.

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