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Tilted Towers is back in Fortnite

Also, hulking new dinosaurs you can climb.

Fortnite's most infamous location, Tilted Towers, has returned to the battle royale's island.

Four years to the day since it was originally added to the game's first map, today's v19.10 update sees the city-like location return.

Today's update also brings with it another major addition: Klombos. These hulking, wandering dinosaurs can be clambored onto, and their blowholes used as a launchpad into the air.

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Klombos can also spit out useful items if fed Klomberries, a new healing item available across the map from certain bushes.

Klombo breaker!

Tilted Towers gained enormous notoriety in the early days of Fortnite as the sweatiest place on the map. Originally added to the game in season two, back in January 2018, it soon became the only place many players would land.

Too popular for its own good, developer Epic Games toyed with destroying Tilted Towers during Fortnite's fourth season meteor event - but instead teased fans by flattening only a single building. The location finally met its match in May 2019, however, when it was definitively detonated by the island's erupting volcano.

In December last year, fans spotted a new version of Tilted Towers encased in ice under the game's new Chapter 3 map. Over the past few weeks, the game's Christmas dusting of snow has receded - until today, when it has revealed this new version of Tilted. How long will this version last?

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