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THQ buys Rise of Nations outfit

Big Huge brings fresh RPG and secret IP.

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THQ has decided to bring Big Huge Games in-house, after signing its big RPG project last May.

The two are a perfect match, publisher bigwig Jack Sorensen told Gamasutra. Big Huge made Rise of Nations after all, and Oblivion designer Ken Rolston postponed retirement to create the new adventure.

However, most alluring to THQ was a new IP being secretly worked on behind closed doors.

"I would say that the RPG was enough," said Sorensen. "But what definitely sealed the deal for us on both sides is the next one. It's more innovative, more unique, and we just felt like it requires both long-term thinking from both sides.

"It showed us that this is a studio that can generate some new concepts. Anything else coming out of Big Huge is icing on the cake."

Details for the RPG project are scare. So far all we know is it is planned for a PC, PS3 and 360 release sometime in 2009.

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