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RPG from Rise of Nations team

Oblivion designer heads project.

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Big Huge Games is working on a role-playing game for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

THQ will be publishing the title, and it's due for release in 2009.

It marks a change of direction for the Rise of Nations developer, who will be venturing into the RPG market for the first time.

"We've wanted to do an RPG for years and I think we have a great direction that will knock everyone's socks off," said Tim Train, Big Huge Games boss.

While little is known about the game, it was enough to coax Oblivion designer Ken Rolston out of retirement earlier in the year. He'll be leading the development and is revelling in the chance to produce a completely new intellectual property.

"I'm flabbergasted by the talent, craft and boundless energy of the Big Huge Games team," beamed Rolston. "In such splendid company, I'm privileged to embark on a bold pilgrimage to create a refreshingly original RPG experience. I know eager game fans will share our excitement as we reveal further details in the coming months."

We remain intrigued, and will keep you posted when new details emerge.

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