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The World Ends With You coming to iOS later this year

But will there also be a sequel?

Quirky Japanese role-playing game The World Ends With You launches on iOS this year, Square Enix has revealed.

The Japanese company's e-shop contains a listing for a new TWEWY soundtrack and a mention of the iOS port (thanks, Andriasang). This seems to have been published ahead of Square Enix's planned announcement for the game, and was later removed, but not before THE INTERNET saw it.

The listing confirmed that the iOS version will have new music. Fans of the DS original will be glad to hear that - the game was much-loved for its cheery J-pop soundtrack.

There's a TWEWY countdown website doing what you'd expect as we speak. Fans had hoped it would reveal a sequel. It reaches zero this weekend. Jeff Goldblum insists that's when the aliens will attack, but everyone else, including the president, reckons it's about more TWEWY information. Only time will tell.

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