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The World Ends With You is back on iOS

After a four month absence.

Square Enix's cult classic modern RPG The World Ends With You has returned to the iOS App Store after a four month absence.

This iOS version, entitled The World Ends with You: Solo Remix, faced erasure from the App Store in February due to compatibility issues with iOS 8. Due to this incompatibility, the game wasn't even available for re-download if players deleted it from their iOS device and wanted to reclaim it.

This mobile adaptation of The World Ends With You isn't cheap, however, as it's still priced at £13.49 / $17.99.

For more on The World Ends With You, former Eurogamer contributor Nathan Grayson wrote a retrospective on the Shibuya-set action-RPG. "While the majority of the JRPG space opted to cling desperately to decades-old standbys, Square Enix and Jupiter paved over the rust with a shiny, modern setting and some seriously off-the-wall ideas," he said of the cult hit.

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