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The World Ends With You sequel hinted at

Tetsuya Nomura sets tongues wagging.

Kingdom Hearts main man Tetsuya Nomura has hinted at a sequel to cult classic 2008 Nintendo DS game The World Ends With You.

Neku, the main character from the quirky role-playing game, makes a cameo appearance in the Tokyo Game Show trailer for Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, and Nomura told Japanese magazine Famitsu (via Andriasang) something TWEWY related is being worked on.

Nomura added that Neku's appearance could be taken as notice of something to come, but he didn't use the word "sequel".

TWEWY is set in a modern day Tokyo, with an art style inspired by Japanese youth culture. Combat takes place across both DS screens, fusing touchscreen controls with voice commands.

While it was critically acclaimed, some criticised the steep learning curve. The battle system in particular proved difficult for many.

Eurogamer's The World Ends With You review returned an 8/10.

"The World Ends With You, then, is the sort of game I desperately hope will leave some scratches on the unyielding grey carapace of modern games design once it's bounced off into inevitable obscurity," reviewer Dan Whitehead wrote.

"It's bold, inspiring and bubbling over with dozens of ideas, any one of which would be cause for celebration in most games, but the over-reliance on a daunting sink-or-swim combat system that will leave many players gasping for breath ultimately counts against it. A truly brilliant game, it's just a shame that it couldn't ease off on the information overload and make that brilliance easier for everyone to appreciate."