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The World Ends with You: Solo Remix finally lands on Android

It's not cheap, but it is pretty.

The World Ends with You: Solo Remix - the mobile port of Square-Enix's quirky, futuristic DS action-RPG from 2008 - has finally launched on Android.

As is often the case with Square-Enix mobile ports, it's not cheap at $17.99 (about £11). The good news is that the iOS version - which launched in 2012 - received raving reviews, so ostensibly this Android port follows suit. Plus it features spruced up artwork to best take advantage of its HD display.

Eurogamer contributor Dan Whitehead called the original release "a truly brilliant game" in his The World Ends With You review. "It's bold, inspiring and bubbling over with dozens of ideas, any one of which would be cause for celebration in most games," he stated.

The iOS version of The World Ends With You teased a possible sequel on the way with the following post-game image. Producer Tetsuya Nomura and director Tatsuya Kando have expressed interest in making another entry in the franchise, though nothing has officially been announced.

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