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The Witcher 3 - Skellige Isles: Secondary Quests and Contracts

Our guide to finding every side quest and Contract in the Skellige Isles region of The Witcher 3, and how to finish up each and every one of them.

The Skellige Isles lie far to the west of The Witcher 3's world and represent the final full region in the game's core storyline. Just like every other part of the world, there are plenty of side quests and special Witcher Contracts to get stuck into here as well. If you want to be sure you've hoovered up every last scrap of content in the region, make sure you to take a look through our thorough guide to all of the activities waiting to be uncovered.

If you're looking for more assistance, our Witcher 3 walkthrough can help.

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The Mysterious Passenger

After completing Nameless, this quest should activate. Head to Larvik and follow the marker to the longhouse (which is the northeasternmost building in the village). Talk to the jarl here and enquire about the ugly creature.

The Last Wish

Follow the marker to Lavik and speak to Yennefer in the tavern - you'll find he skulking in the far corner. Follow her to the boat and interact with the seat at the prow of the boat. She'll set sail, then find a likely looking spot.

Wait for her to cast a spell on you, then head to the bottom, enter the cavern, shoot the drowners, then use your Witcher Sense to examine the boat. Return to the surface and take your seat, and Yen will head for the next spot. Dive down and use your Witcher Senses to examine a couple of items on the wreck, then return to the surface once more.

At the next destination, repeat the process. She'll cast another spell on you while you're down there, so head for the bottom, shoot the sirens, loot the small item next to the crates on the bottom of the hole to collect half a seal, and then return to the boat. Now you're transported to the top of a mountain.

After some dialogue about your relationship with her, search the remains of the ship with your Witcher Senses. On the lower deck there's a pair of empty boots and a bloodtrail leading to an overturned book case. Interact with it, search the body, then head to the fo'c'sle with Yen and prepare to fight the djinn.

The creatures has some projectile and lightning attacks, so keep moving (the mast can provide some degree of cover), and use Dimeritium and Elemental Oil to speed the fight up. You now need to decide if you want Yen as a romance option - choose the more positive dialogue options if you want romance, the standoffish ones if you don't. After a cut-scene the quest ends and you're back in Skellige.

The Lord of Undvik

Head to the New Port Inn in Kaer Trolde. Talk to the innkeeper, followed by Javor and Tante, then sail out to Undvik. Head for the marker. There are a couple of things to examine on the way with your Witcher Senses (such as a corpse, some drag marks, etc.), but essentially just follow the trail until you trigger a cut-scene.

When you regain control, your first job is to take out the sirens. They're vulnerable to Aard, Igni, grapeshot, and Hybrid Oil, but you'll find using Axii to get them to stay on the ground works fairly well.

Climb inside the boat and talk to Octo, then follow the giant's footprints. They eventually reach a dead end, so just head for Hjalmar's camp. When you reach it, examine the dead bodies, then follow the footprints and trail of carnage until you eventually reach the troll cave.

Fight the ice troll, then follow the blood trail through the cave until you find the other trolls. Challenge them to a battle of wits (the answer to their riddle is “Troll”), then make your escape and head for Urskar - pick up the Hornwall Horn on your way past.

Once you get to Urskar, examine the signs of battle then follow the trail up the hill to the caves. Take a leap of faith into the water below and fight a couple of erynias. Now work your way round and up, examining clues as you go. Somewhere along the journey you'll come across a batch of Harpies. Once they're dealt with, head upwards (there's a ladder to the right of the cave entrance looking down from the tree) and keep following and examining the trail, eventually emerging into the daylight.

Enter the building and battle some devourers, but watch out for the splash damage. Head out of the building and turn left. There's a rock troll in here guarding the tools required for the “Master Armourers” quest. If you're brave enough, tackle him now as it saves having to return later. Follow Hjalmar's footprints until you run across him battling some harpies. Give him a hand (don't forget the Hornwall horn), then head towards the giant's cave.

Speak to Vigi, sneak off to get the key, and then let him out of his cage. Now it's time to fight the giant. Given the size of the brute this is a remarkably easy fight, and he seems more interested in the other members of your party, which should leave you free to slash at him from behind.


Speak to Udalryk, then head to yet another haunted house. Head inside and use your Witcher Senses to follow the footprints to find Cerys' unconscious body. After the cut-scene, head back inside and retrace your steps. In the first room on the right is a key to the cellar. The cellar hatchway is out towards the door you came in through, so drop down and locate the sword, then return to Cerys and follow her to Udalryk.

Head to the dock, grab a boat, and set sail for the marker. There will be a couple of sirens infesting the waters as you go, so take them out with your crossbow before searching for the body. Once it's safe and you've found the corpse, examine it and then return to shore. Udalryk has been busy in your absence.

Work through all of the dialogue, then head back to the haunted house. Do some Witchering here, and examine the stove, a broken picture, a plank of wood, and a crib, then talk to Cerys again. When prompted, throw the baby into the oven (yes, really)...

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King's Gambit

Report to Crach. He gives you a shiny new sword, but the castle is attacked by three bears. Kill them, and then either go with Cerys or Hjalmar. Whoever you side with gets the crown - whether this has any lasting bearing on events is unknown at present.


Use your Witcher Senses around the hall. When you examine the bear you'll then need to examine the bowls on the floor. One will reveal a scent trail which leads to a suspicious horn. Head outside and speak to Hjort, then go down to the basement. Examine the barrels and then Aard them out of the way.

Follow the passage (stopping at the Place of Power on the way), ending up back at the cellar. Examine the mess on the floor, then follow the footprints. At the top of the stairs the footprints break off, but there's a bit of cloth stuck to the light fitting. Examine it and Cerys rushes off in pursuit of Arnvald, leading to a horse race. Knock him off, and the truth will be revealed.


Use your Witcher Senses around the village. At the shrine (marked on your minimap) you'll pick up a scent trail which will lead to some footprints, which in turn lead to a trap door, which in turn lead to a fight with a man that turns into a bear. Keep heading into the cave and battle the druid and the bear.

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