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The Witcher 3 - Here Comes the Groom Contract

Our step-by-step guide for completing this Witcher Contact, from tracking down Kevan and Britt, to beating the malevolent Melusine in battle.

The next Contract you can pick up in the Skellige Isles region is called Here Comes the Groom. You'll be able to add it to your quest log by heading to the tiny island of Spikeroog, then looking for the noticeboard in Svorlag. You might also find it while wandering around the open world in this region, but for the purposes of our walkthrough we'll assume you've grabbed it in town.

The note you collect asks you to investigate the disappearance of a man called Nils. He's vanished from the village completely, leaving his fiance Britt desperate with worry. Her brother Kevan has placed the Contract, and is looking for someone to find out what's happened to his sister's beloved.

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First of all, go and find Kevan by a fishing hut. He'll explain that Britt saw Nils being carried off by a terrible creature, although a few locals think he might actually have done a runner, as Britt isn't the most easy-going wife-to-be in the world. Combine that with Nils' roving eye for the ladies, and you suspect there's mischief afoot. Haggle your fee if you want, then tell Kevan you'll go and talk to his sister.

Find Britt and talk to her about Nils

Make your way all the way along the shore and up the hill that overlooks town. You'll soon see Britt standing on top of a cliff. Amongst her tears, you'll learn that a winged shadowy creature had dragged her betrothed into a cave in the local area - or so she claims.

From Britt's position, make your way south and go beyond the Old Watchtower until you come to the shores once more. Keep your eyes peeled for a cave that's being watched over by sirens. Approach the opening, kill the sirens, and then creep inside.

Explore the caves to find the altar to Melusine

As soon as you get inside, you'll have to do battle with a bunch of drowners. There are six of them to finish off in total, so kill them as you work your way along the tunnel and into a new room. You shouldn't find it too hard to spot an altar to Melusine here - turn your Witcher Senses on to investigate the scales littering the altar, and the siren tracks.

Head down the south-eastern tunnel, and keep following it until you round a corner. Keep following the trail, and use your Igni sign on the barrels to help deal with the drowner menace. Keep going along the tracks by the south of this room until you emerge on the cliff-tops. Kneel down and investigate the body on the floor - it looks as though Nils has come crashing back down to earth from a rather unfortunate height.

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How to kill Melusine in Here Comes the Groom

Time to kill the creature responsible for this murderous act. To make combat easier on yourself, make use of Hybrid Oil so that your blades cut a little deeper with each swipe they make into Melusine. You'll also want to chuck around a Grapeshot Bomb or two while you fight, and your Igni and Aard Signs will really help you out as the fight wears on.

Once the beast has been bested, take all of the goodies off its corpse, then head back to Kevan to explain what's gone on. Choose to bear the responsibility for informing Britt and she'll give you a reward. Accept or refuse it to finish up this Contract.

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