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The Witcher 3: White Orchard Secondary Quests and Witcher Contracts

A detailed guide to all of the side quests, secrets, monster hunts and surprises contained in the White Orchard region of The Witcher 3.

The bonus quests in the White Orchard region of the Witcher 3 provide a gentle introduction to this pleasant but impoverished rural backwater, one full of occupying forces, farms, hostile peasants, wolves, and a ghostly presence at the well.

The first Contract mission you receive - Devil in the Well - isn't a particularly challenging one, but it should give you a flavour of how most of the Contracts are structured: talk to someone, do some Witchering, and then kill something. Lovely stuff.

If you're looking for more assistance, our Witcher 3 walkthrough can help.

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The Witcher 3 - White Orchard Secondary Quests
How to find and complete every bonus quest in the White Orchard region of the game.

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A Frying Pan, Spick and Span

  • Quest type: Secondary quest
  • Reward: Baked apple (x5), bread (x5), apple juice (x5)

Use Aard (or your sword) to break down the door, then look around inside the hut. There's a corpse, some burned papers, and the frying pan to examine. Return the pan, and you're done. Simple as that.

Faithful Friend

  • Quest type: Secondary quest

When you exit the tavern you'll see a villager trying to control an upset horse. Chase after it when it bolts, and don't stop until you've caught up. Work through the dialogue to finish up this simple quest.

Missing in Action

  • Quest type: Secondary quest

Follow Dune towards the battleground, then speak with him when you arrive. Your job is to examine the shields with the white flowers on them, so switch on your Witcher Senses and work through the shields in the area marked on your mini-map.

When Hussar finds the sent, follow him through the woods, then use your Witcher Sense to find teh hut. From here, simply watch the cut-scene play out and make your decision.

Precious Cargo

  • Quest type: Secondary quest

Examine the cart tracks, then head into the swamp. Locate and examine the cart, the horse, the corpse, and the locked strongbox, and return them to the merchant. Either give the box to him or accuse him of lying, at which point you'll then have to chase him down on horseback.

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Twisted Firestarter

  • Quest type: Secondary quest

First things first, use your Witcher Senses to find the boot prints and the tinderbox shavings. Keep following the trail until you come to the rocks by the water. Keep going until you come to a boot, then kill the drowners.

Keep on the trail until you come to a cottage. Enter it, use your Witcher Senses again and check out everyone inside - the person you're after is leaning against the wall. Use your special skill once again to confirm the person you're after. Make your decision to finish up the quest.

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