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The Witcher 3 - Devil By The Well: how to kill the noonwraith

How to complete the Devil By The Well Contract by investigating the haunted well, and then killing your very first noonwraith.

To pick up this first Contract in the game, you'll need to make your way to the noticeboard in White Orchard. When you pick up the appropriate note, you'll be sent off to speak with Odolan, who's got a spot of bother on his hands.

There's a mean old monster hanging around by a well, just a little further off in the Abandoned Village. Given that his home is nearby, this is all too inconvenient for your new contact. You'll find Odolan's cottage towards the western section of White Orchard. Go there, walk inside, agree the reward for taking on the Contract, and listen to what this poor character has to say for himself.

When you're done nattering, make your way south along the path, and cross over into the Abandoned Village itself. You should be able to see the well, so make your way over until the next objective on your list is triggered. Once the quest has updated, it's time to find out what exactly is going on here.

First things first, turn on your Witcher Senses so that you can scout out the local area. You'll want to examine the scorched marks on the ground by the well itself, as well as a withered body that's nearby but in some bushes. You'll also need to read up on the nature of this noonwraith in the Bestiary when it's updated.

Your next job is to find out why exactly the noonwraith is so attached to this area. You'll notice now that a handful of extra objectives have shown up on your minimap. Make your way towards the one that's furthest to the east and activate your Witcher Senses once again.

Finding the diary in Devil By The Well

You need to locate a diary that's on the bed and read it, find the remains of a man who's been slashed to death, and some rather grim markings on the floor which show someone having been dragged away. Ewww.

Once you've done all this, make your way back towards the haunted well, and then look at the blood that's on the rope. If you peek inside the well itself, you'll now be able to see the remains of the unfortunate woman who wrote that diary piece. Don't worry, she's 'armless...

Climb over the edge of the well and then jump down into the water. Keep diving down until you're underwater, and examine the bottom of the well until you come across the bracelet that was mentioned in the woman's diary.

Now that you've got the bracelet in your possession, swim back to the surface and go beyond the waterfall until you're on the bank. Once you've read the inscription on the bracelet, travel east and dive into a tunnel that takes you towards a pond. Get out of the water and head back to the village.

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How to kill the noonwraith in Devil by the Well

Head back to the well when you're ready, and look at the remains of Claer. If you interact with the corpse now, you'll automatically set it on fire, which will in turn summon the noonwraith target you're after. This fight isn't too tricky at all, but if you want to make it even easier, make use of items like Moon Dust and Dimeritium Bombs and Specter Oil. You can also use your Yrden sign.

Once you've kill the noonwraith, take all the items from the corpse and then head back to Odolan and explain what's happened. You'll get your rewards after speaking with him. If you'd like a little extra back-story on this whole miserable business, go and visit Tomira the herbalist. Her cottage isn't too far away, and she can tell you more about Claer.

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