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The Witcher 3 - Missing Son: how to kill Morvudd

Our next Witcher 3 Contract guide explains how to complete the Missing Son quest, and put a stop to the miserable Morvudd's madness.

To pick up this next Contract, you'll have to make your way over to the quiet village of Rannvaig, which is in the western part of Ard Skellig. Head over to the noticeboard when you arrive, and look for a note placed there by Odhen. You'll also pick up this Contract automatically if you run into the target creature while you're pottering around the region.

The next job if you've grabbed the Contract from the board is to track down Odhen himself, so make your way to the house by the shore where you'll find the old man hanging around. When you talk to him, you'll learn that his son Olve has gone off to find adventure, but he hasn't heard a peep from his boy since. Listen to the old man's story about the child Olve heading off to Faroe to investigate the ruins.

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Next, climb up on the old horse and then start racing up the hills towards the south-east of the region. Work your way along the path through the forested area, and then all the way over the fields until you can see the decrepit fortress in the distance.

When you get there, get off your horse and enter the courtyard. You'll be plonked straight into the fight against your main target Morvudd when you do so - be prepared! You'll make the fight with this creature much easier if you make use of Samum and Devil's Puffball Bombs, and slap some Relict Oil on your blade while you're at it.

After you've delivered a certain amount of damage to the beast, it will spit fluid at you that leaves you blinded for a moment. When your vision clears, your target will have disappeared. Look for a half-eaten carcass on the ground, then use your Witcher Senses to trail the massive hoof prints.

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When you've passed over a bridge, look through the ruins until you find the nest. When you do, the creature will attack again, so just keep fighting it as you did before until the monster dies. Sadly, the yellow-clad corpse on the floor suggests that this is one adventure Olve won't be coming back home from.

Take all the bits and bobs you need from Morvudd's corpse, then get back on your horse and ride back to town. Deliver the bad news to Odhen and take your reward from him to finish up the quest.

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