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The Witcher 3 - Muire D'yaeblen Contract

Our guide to completing the Muire D'yaeblen Contract in The Witcher 3, from exploring the caves to hunting and killing the old hag Abaya.

To pick up this contract, make your way to the noticeboard that's near the wharf in the Kaer Trolde Harbor region of Ard Skellige. Take the note to discover that Bjorg the shipbuilder has a job for you. Apparently, the local drowners are becoming a proper pain in the neck, and he'd like you to solve the problem with extreme prejudice.

First of all, go and speak with his apprentice Rurik who's nearby. He'll explain that he and his cousin first saw these vicious variants of drowners while fishing for crabs. The boat was capsized during the encounter and his cousin was killed as a result.

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Now go and speak to Tove, who you'll find near a tanning rack. Talk to her to discover that after her boy was killed, her husband went off to search for him. He never returned, and when his corpse was recovered it was riddled with nasty claw marks.

Next it's time to do some investigating. There are two areas on the coast that you need to head to and are marked on the map, both of which belong to the Kjerga Cliffs range. You'll find the closest one to the west of Kaer Trolde - follow the path up the hill to get there, or use your boat. You'll see lots of drowned enemies when you get there, so pick them off before heading to the second spot on the map.

Go south to reach it, although you'll find travelling by boat easier than trying to hike your way along the coast. When you get there, you'll have to dive down into a cave, then trail the tracks nearby using your Witcher Senses. Come to the surface when you're in the next tunnel.

Keep heading along the tunnel until you come to a junction. Investigate everything in the right hand branch, but don't go outside. Return and explore all the evidence in the left-hand tunnel. Next, examine the room with the smashed up boats in it, and use your Witcher Senses to examine all of the corpses lying around.

Shortly afterwards you'll learn how to create the Drowner Pheromones potion. You'll need a Puffball, Sewant Mushroom, Dwarven Spirit, Drowner Brain and Sewant Mushroom to craft it. The first two ingredients can be found in the cave, the third can be purchased at a Kaer Morhen inn, and you should already have looted a few of the brains.

Once you've crafted the potion, assign it to one of your slots and head back to that cavern with the boats in. This will begin the fight with Abaya, the ultimate target of this Witcher Contract.

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How to kill Abaya without breaking a sweat

To make the fight a bit easier on yourself, consider using Necrophage Oil on your blades, so that they dish out just a little more damage. You'll also find Northern Wind Bombs handy during this fight as well, and don't forget your Igni and Quen Signs as you chip away at the old hag.

When she drops to the ground, make sure you take her head as proof of the kill, then go back to the tunnel junction and take a left to get back in the sea. Swim towards the shore, then make your way back to Kaer Trolde Harbor so you can claim your reward for Bjorg.

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