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The Witcher 3 - Dragon Contract: how to kill the forktail

Our easy guide to completing the Dragon Contract in The Witcher 3, from preparing your bait to destroying the mighty "dragon" itself.

To get hold of this particular Contract, you must first of all make your way over towards the Fyresdal region in Ard Skellig, and take the job from the local noticeboard. When you do so, you'll learn that a terrifying dragon has been roaming the local area. This enormous beast reportedly carries an equally large reward for anyone brave enough to slay the creature.

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Find Vagn and find out more about the menace

To find out more, you'll first of all need to go and track down the village elder who goes by the name of Vagn. You'll find him not far from the jarl's house, right by the signpost. If you want to barter for more money you can do so now, but otherwise just ask about the deaths of Askel and Nilas.

Before getting stuck into any heroics, go and make your way to the house where the two victims are lying in wait for burial. The home is located just across from Vagn. Talk to the mother inside, and ask her about where the bodies were actually found. Ask to investigate the victims' corpses, then turn your Witcher Senses on and have a thorough look over them. You'll see plenty of ravaged chomps and swipes, but no evidence of burning damage.

Track down the cow's blood and the dog's corpse

When you're ready to track down the beast responsible for these murders, leave the village and head north until you come to a crossroads. A little further on from here are the remains of a cow. Activate your Witcher Senses once again, and look the cow's corpse over to get a little more intel on your target.

If you look around, you should see a rock that's covered in cow's blood. Use your Witcher Senses to follow this trail as it heads down towards the river. Have a good look at the dog's body when you come to it, noting that the creature had fallen back to earth from a great height. If you look up now, you should be able to see a forktail, but you're going to need to prepare some bait if you want to draw it into battle.

Make your way back to Vagn and ask the character how you'd go about getting a plump, tasty unseasoned sheep. Thankfully your contact has one - even if it's not exactly a prime specimen - and you'll then find yourself back at that crossroads.

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Steer Mia the sheep towards the remains of the dog

Mia the sheep can be a proper pain in the neck to control, but you can make life a little easier for yourself. To steer the creature, activate your Axii sign, and then approach from the left to make the sheep go right, or from the right if you want it to go left. Keep this up until the poor old sheep is by the dog that had been killed.

Keep moving back now until the forktail swoops down to get stuck into Mia. If you want to make life much easier for yourself as you kill the creature, use items like Draconid Oil, Grapeshot Bombs and Golden Oriole potions. When you're done, cut the beast's head off and make your way back to Vagn. Note that you'll only get the maximum reward if you convince him that, yes, it was indeed a mighty dragon you destroyed.

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