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The much-delayed Minecraft movie now has a new release date

Better late than Nether.

Warner Bros. has announced a new release date for its long-awaited Minecraft movie: 4th April 2025.

That's more than a decade after we first heard word of the film, and six years on from Warner Bros' original plan of May 2019.

Details on what the film may look like or actually be about remain thin on the ground, save for the continued attachment of charismatic Game of Thrones and Aquaman star Jason Momoa in an undisclosed role. (He's Steve, surely?!)

The Super Mario Bros. Movie's latest trailer.Watch on YouTube

Today's announcement also brings confirmation of Jared Hess as the Minecraft film's director - who previously helmed Jack Black vehicle Nacho Libre and cult comedy Napoleon Dynamite.

Back when it was set for launch in 2019, the movie was originally due to be directed by Always Sunny star Rob McElhenney, before he got into football.

Warner Bros. parted ways with McElhenney and a script penned by Wonder Woman writer Jason Fuchs in 2019. The studio next tried to get the film made for a 2022 launch date, before that too was scrubbed.

An early 2014 pitch for the film described it as a live-action movie focused on the story of a teenage girl and her "unlikely" group of adventurers, as they attempted to save the Overworld from the Ender Dragon. How much this will resemble what we'll get now in 2025 is anyone's guess.

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