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The Last of Us Part 2 Safe Code solutions and code locations list

How to open each code-based puzzle.

Safe codes in The Last of Us Part 2 allow you to open optional puzzles dotted throughout the adventure.

You'll mostly find safes off the beaten path, and though the code to open it is often spelled out, you'll often need to find a nearby clue in the environment or from an Artefact to open it.

This Safe Codes list cuts through the hard work of where to find safe clues and provides every safe code solution in chronological order.

Looking for help in other areas of the game? See our The Last of Us 2 walkthrough hub.

The Last of Us Part 2 Safe Code solutions list


Patrol (1 Safe)

Seattle Day 1

Downtown (3 Codes)

Capitol Hill (1 Safe)

The Tunnels (1 Code)

Seattle Day 2

Hillcrest (1 Safe)

The Seraphites (2 Safe codes)

Seattle Day 3

The Flooded City (1 Safe code)

Seattle Day 1

On Foot (1 Safe code)

Hostile Territory (1 Safe code)

The Coast (1 Safe code)

Seattle Day 2

The Shortcut (1 Safe code)

The Descent (1 Safe code)

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The Last of Us Part 2 Employee of the Month safe code

During the Patrol chapter, when you first climb into the upper spore-filled floor of the Supermarket, you'll encounter an Employee of the Month board. Go through the door straight ahead. There is a locked safe in here.

Read the Good Boy Combo Artefact on the desk to learn how to get the combination - "The date my good boy got Employee of the Month".

Go back to the board to see the dog (or 'good boy') is listed for July 2013. This means the Employee of the Month safe combination is - 07 20 13.

Enter the code into the safe to open it.

Inside the safe is a stash of Supplements, crafting materials and some alcohol.

The Last of Us Part 2 Bank Vault code

This is found in the Westlake Bank, an optional location within Downtown Seattle.

Once you have cleared the lobby of infected, you can safely explore the bank. Go into the Safe Deposit Lockers door and search the bag on the floor for the Bank Heist Plans Artefact. This gives you the bank vault code.

Approach it and enter the Bank Vault code 602306.

Inside the vault are several useful items. One is the Pump Shotgun weapon, a powerful short-range weapon you'll want to make use of, and several Artefacts - the Bank Robber Letter, and the Antique Ring, the latter of which gives you the So Great and Small Trophy.

This one is particularly useful as it unlocks a hidden trophy - So Great and Small.

The Last of Us Part 2 Gate West 2 code

This is just north of the Downtown Checkpoint, and south-west of the Courthouse.

Squeeze through the open gate by holding forward and the X button.

Inside is a safe, with the code written down on the Checkpoint Gate Codes Artefact you found earlier.

Enter Gate West 2 code 0451 to open up the safe.

Inside you'll find ammo, a Med Kit, various other supplies and a Flo Trading Card.

The Last of Us Part 2 Courthouse safe code

In the Courthouse Lobby - the floor with the lights out - there is a locked door at the far end. Throw a bottle or brick through the window to enter the office. The safe is underneath where you enter.

Between the Artefacts and the white board here, we know the Courthouse safe code is 860722.

Opening the safe gives you a bunch of crafting items and other useful consumables.

The Last of Us Part 2 Wellwishes store 'Staci's phone number' safe code

Towards the end of the Capitol Hill chapter, where you come across a second group of explosive traps, there are two stores - a martial arts store, and Wellwishes opposite.

Go through the back door of Wellwishes, and check the notice board on the right for a Thrift Store Reminder Artefact.

You'll learn about the next safe code - which is the last six digit of a phone number. The one featured is incomplete - it's missing two digits - so enter the right door here for the number on the wall. It adds a 33 - making the Wellwishes store 'Staci's phone number' safe code 55-01-33.

Go through the other door. There is a Clicker crawling here, so take it out and approach the safe.

Enter code 55-01-33 for various supplies.

The Last of Us Part 2 Locker code

Shortly after the first shamblers encounter in The Tunnels, you'll come to two rooms in a long corridor.

In the furthest room, on one of the tables, is the Locker Room Note Artefact. This hints at a clue within the vending machine.

Smash the glass of the vending machine to get the Soda Can Note Artefact.

This will give you the first three digits of the Locker Room code - 152 - with two left a mystery.

Interact with the locked door, and you'll discover only one of each number can be inputted. This means you only have two other combinations.

Feel free to experiment, but the Locker Room code is 15243. Inside is various supplies and ammo.

The Last of Us Part 2 Auto Repairs safe code

Towards the end of the Hillcrest chapter, you explore a bunch of shops before going up the stairs to follow the smoke trail.

Behind the row of shops is the Auto Repairs building in the corner.

There is a bin blocking the door. You might hear some strange noises when you move it, and you'll be right - inside is a lot of runners waiting to be released.

You'll want what's inside, so prepare a Molotov or Trip Mine, then finish them off with melee strikes or bullets.+

Inside is a safe on the right.

If you found the Dale's Combo Artefact from the bar across the road, you'll learn the Auto Repairs safe code is 30-82-65. Of course, you can just enter this without picking that up first.

Inside the safe is various ammo and supplies, plus an equipment upgrade - the Short Gun Holster.

The Last of Us Part 2 Apartment Anniversary safe code

Close to the beginning of the The Seraphites chapter, you can explore some apartments before you complete the dumpster ramp puzzle.

Inside the left apartment (which you enter via climbing out the lobby window) is a safe in the bedroom.

To open the safe in the bedroom, you need to inspect the calendar on the wall by the bed.

This tells you the upcoming anniversary. By reading the Evacuation Letter Artefact, you'll know it's been 30 years.

So with the date we know - 10/08/13 - subtracting 30 years gives us the Apartment Anniversary safe code - 10-08-83.

Inside the safe are various supplies.

The Last of Us Part 2 Weston's Pharmacy safe code

In the The Seraphites chapter, just before you reach the Hospital, is a short swimming section. As soon as you enter the water, climb the ledge opposite to find the Weston's Pharmacy.

Next, grab the Pharmacy Note Artefact from behind the counter. This features a safe code - you'll need it in just a moment.

Crawl through the hole in the wall to the side to find the safe.

Enter Weston's Pharmacy safe code 38-55-23 to access various supplies within.

The Last of Us Part 2 boat safe code

At the start of The Flooded City, there's a room with a gate you have to open to progress on boat. Instead, go upstairs to the room above.

Next, investigate the corpse in the corner for the Stash Note Artefact. You learn a Safe Code - 70-12-64.

There's a trolley in the far corner. Move it, then crawl through the debris to drop down into a caged area by the gate - and the safe.

Use boat safe code 70-12-64 for ammo and some crafting items.


The Last of Us Part 2 'the big win' safe code

In the On Foot chapter with Abby, you'll explore a Boat Repair building, then leave through a hatch in the roof.

When you get back on the ground outside, but before you drop down to the train tracks round the corner, you can find a safe location.

Before you follow them round the corner, there's a building in the middle of this area you can enter.

Go round the back to see some windows. Throw a brick or bottle - or use a bullet - to smash the window. Climb inside.

As well as the Indiana Coin, there is the WLF Gun Cache Note Artefact to collect.

This hints at a safe code - with the "the big win as the combination".

If you inspect the cork-board, you will see the numbers 17-38-07 circled on a lotto ticket. That's the big win it's referring to.

To find the safe, exit the building. Manny and Mel will go alongside a building and a fence. As soon as you get past the corner, enter the hole in the wall to the right.

As well as supplies, there is the safe.

Use the big win safe code 17-38-07 to get the Hunting Pistol and some ammo.

The Last of Us Part 2 Jasmine Bakery safe code

Shortly after the infected section in Hostile Territory, you'll leap over a wall and come across a mural on a corner wall.

Turn left down here and enter the first one, Jasmine Bakery, by smashing the window.

At the back is the safe.

To get the code, continue down the street to Ruby Dragon - the last shop on the left - go upstairs, then across to the building opposite.

Go left into the first room and grab the Jasmine Bakery Safe Artefact to read about the ration operation and safe code - 68-96-89.

Now drop down through the door, then make your way back along the street to Justine Bakery. Enter Justine Bakery safe code 68-96-89 for various supplies.

The Last of Us Part 2 ferry safe code

In the ferry section of The Coast chapter, you will collect a new weapon - the crossbow.

In this same corridor, at the end past the two infected, is the Mutiny Note Artefact. This has a safe code - 90-77-01.

To find the safe, continue playing until you are on the upper-most deck.

If you turn left as soon as you emerge up the stairs to this floor, there is a hole in the wall, with a safe clearly visible. Make sure the infected inside is taken care of before attempting to open.

Enter safe code 90-77-01 to get the Improvised Weapons and Terrorist Tactics Training Manual, unlocking the Ordnance branch for Abby.

The Last of Us Part 2 apartment number neighbour exchange safe code

In The Shortcut chapter, play until you leap from a roof onto a freeway, then into an apartment to the left.

There's plenty of supplies here, including a safe in one of the bedrooms.

In the hallway, on the side table, is the Neighbour Exchange Artefact. Read it to learn a new safe code by combining the two apartment numbers - yours (checking the Artefact, it's 302) and theirs (going out of the apartment for where a 'Julia' would live, it's next door - 304) making 30-23-04.

Insert safe code 30-23-04 into the bedroom safe for some crafting materials and ammo.

The Last of Us Part 2 wifi password safe code

In The Descent chapter, the starting floor features a gym.

Go out into the corridor to see two doors.

The right has stairs to continue, while the left has a storeroom with a safe.

To get the safe code, go down the end of this corridor to Orchards Juice Bar.

Go through to the back and grab the Gym Safe Combo Artefact from the corkboard on the wall.

The Artefact says the 'code is the same as the wifi'. To find the wifi password, return to the gym and look on the side wall to learn it's 121879.

Now return to the storeroom and enter wifi passcode safe code 12-18-79 for various supplies.

Assuming you've completed every safe until this point - you'll earn the Safecracker Trophy for opening every one in the game.

If not - jump back to the top of this article and review the table of contents to see which ones you are missing.

Looking for help in other areas of the game? See our The Last of Us 2 walkthrough hub.

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