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Techland admits it announced Dying Light 2 "too early"

But it's "far from being in a dev hell", the studio insists.

Dying Light 2 developer Techland has admitted it announced the sequel "too early".

The admission came after the developer teased it had "a few words to share with [fans] about the Dying Light 2 development process", promising more information would follow on Wednesday, 17th March.

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In a follow-up tweet further down the chain, however, the official Dying Light Twitter account responded to a fan who admitted they were "shocked" and wondered if the game was in "development hell".

"[As far as I know], the definition of a dev hell requires the game to not make any development progress, while DL2 keeps moving forward," the response says. "We announced the game too early but it's far from being in a dev hell."

Dying Light fans have been concerned about the sequel for some time now, not least because Paweł Selinger, who had worked as "narration designer" on Dying Light 2 for the last two years, left Techland at the end of 2020 after over 22 years at the company.

Dying Light 2 was announced at E3 2018 during the Xbox press conference by role-playing game writer and designer Chris Avellone, who later left the project following allegations of sexual assault.

During Microsoft's E3 2019 press conference, Techland announced Dying Light 2 was set for launch in the spring of 2020, but in January 2020 Dying Light 2 was delayed indefinitely. In May 2020, reports emerged that suggested Dying Light 2 was in a sorry state, although Techland pushed back.

More recently, though, a further blow came when a new report shed additional light on the troubled project, alleging chaotic, unfocused development driven by an overbearing CEO. The news came just weeks after the developer was forced to deny rumours that the Dying Light 2 developer had been taken over by an unknown third-party, insisting it remains an "independent studio".

There is some good news, though; details of an upcoming Collector's Edition for Dying Light 2 have reportedly been leaked, intimating the game - which currently only sports a nebulous "2021" release window - might be coming sooner rather than later.

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