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Takeuchi not keen to work on RE6

Felt he was in Mikami's shadow.

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Capcom's Jun Takeuchi, who served as producer on Resident Evil 5, he says he isn't interested in working on the next game in the series.

"Personally, I don't think I'm gonna deal with Resident Evil 6 at all," Takeuchi said in an interview with Xbox 360 World (thanks, CVG). "As far as the series is concerned I'm not planning to return until at least two more Olympics have passed!"

Elsewhere in the interview, Takeuchi said his team felt "extreme pressure" and the effects of "[Resident Evil 4 Director Shinji] Mikami-san's shadow" while they were working on the RE5. "However, because we were creating the sequel to this huge franchise we wanted to make our fresh direction clear," he said.

Takeuchi has previously said that the next Resident Evil game will "reboot the series", though apparently he would prefer it do that without him on board.

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