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Super SFIV has new 8-player lobbies

Capcom fulfilling online MP this time.

Super Street Fighter IV, unlike SFIV, will have online multiplayer lobbies that house eight people who can chat and fight.

The game's technical director Masahiro Taguchi explained the changes on the SSFIV development blog (translated by Andriasang).

Super Street Fighter IV uses a beefed-up version of SFIV's Fight Request system. Here Team Battles can be set to Fight Request, enabling Arcade battles to be fought while the lobby fills and teams are set. Once everything is in place, a "Match Start" option appears. Only two of you can fight during Team Battle mode, however, but the rest can watch and chat.

Endless Battle is another new addition in Super Street Fighter IV. This sounds like a winner-stays-on affair and allows challengers to watch and study their upcoming opponent before the fight. Battle Points and Player Points are not affected here, making this a perfect practice option.

Fans also asked that Capcom hide character selection during online bouts. So be it. Capcom has even muted menu sounds as apparently some fans can guess character picks purely by noise.

Super Street Fighter IV will be released in spring next year at less than full price. Other inclusions are new characters, moves, bonus rounds and bigger breasts.

Our SSFIV gamepage below has more.

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