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Street Fighter 6's newest character A.K.I. shown in action for first time

Tough as nails.

Close up of A.K.I. and her poisonous nails in Street Fighter 6
Image credit: Capcom

Last month Capcom revealed the next character to join the Street Fighter 6 roster: A.K.I.

Now we can see her in action for the first time, in a brand new trailer.

Check out her poison-fuelled moveset in the video below.

Street Fighter 6 - A.K.I. Gameplay TrailerWatch on YouTube

If the stylised name seems familiar, it's because A.K.I. is the student of master F.A.N.G. who made his appearance in Street Fighter 5.

In World Tour mode, players will find A.K.I. in the new location Tian Hong to learn more about her interest in the evil Shadaloo organisation.

Like F.A.N.G., A.K.I.'s snakelike moves are based around her sharpened, poisonous nails.

Her Serpent Lash move strikes enemies from a distance with nails flying like a chain, Nightshade Pulse is a poisonous bubble, while Sinister Slide lets her slither across the screen to avoid threats. Her level three Super Art is Claws of Ya Zi, which pierces pressure points in an opponent's body with poison to detonate them from within. Lovely.

A.K.I. beats Chun Li in Street Fighter 6
Chun Li isn't having a good time here. | Image credit: Capcom

A.K.I. will be available from 27th September, but from 1st September the A.K.I. Arrives Fighting Pass will be available with themed items and cosmetics.

A.K.I. follows Rashid, Street Fighter 6's first post-launch character. Still to come in Street Fighter 6's Year 1 Character Pass are Ed and Akuma.

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