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Streamer beats every Elden Ring boss without taking a hit


Twitch Streamer GinoMachino has completed the world's first Elden Ring all bosses no hit run.

After two months of planning, the streamer finally finished the challenge on 25th October.

There are 165 bosses in the game, which GinoMachino defeated without a single hit.

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It's a seriously impressive run, using various techniques to kill most bosses in just a handful of hits. You can watch the run on his Twitch stream.

Of course, I had to skip ahead in his run to watch a few key battles, even if the sight of Radahn defeated in mere seconds without even triggering the second phase is depressing.

As for the Malenia battle, the game's most infamous boss was laughably easy.

Amusingly, GinoMachino left the training boss right until the end, pulverising it in one hit with a wide grin.

"We did it you guys," he said after almost nine hours of streaming. "I can't believe we did it... I came into today not confident at all."

GinoMachino might be the first to do a no hit all bosses run, but there are plenty of other weird runs out there.

Earlier in the year, there was an Elden Ring speed run race, with some players completing the game in under ten minutes.

Then there's Twitch streamer MissMikkaa who not only completed the game with one hand, but later completed it on a dance mat.

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